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Aoi_Neko's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years ago

this is just the beginning.  some things may seem vague, but there are steps to reach these.  And it takes more than just writing stuff down, but at least it's a start. 

my hope is that by writing this out in a public place it may give me more incentive to work on those steps. 


what to remember?  that this is fluid


   a small reminder of why I'm doing this

General Goals

be more productive

become more creative

avoid black holes

learn to deal with stress better


Current Goals

Finish Chii  sew on other "ear", more velcro on head, ribbons in hair, brush.  Photos also

WC Mileage  find old on PC, enter new dates, print up, put in envelope, mail

pay bills  the local stuff

Put stuff on Ebay   start with stuff already photographed.  Also cds on Amazon. 

Do not play computer games or waste time at internet sites

Sleep soon


Life List

1   Sell as much of my stuff as possible so I can move out of this apartment as soon as possible

2   find a place to live that is within my current means

3   finish this semester at school

4   finish recording Lu

5   Record a Holiday CD

6   Pay as much as I can on my outstanding bills

7   Finalize that WC claim to my benefit.

8   Draw, paint, put stuff on DA account

9   Photos

10  Sew the KG outfits

11  Finish the Kat Boi outfit and take photos.

12  Be able to speak and understand Japanese and maybe read it.

13  Work on scripts again

14  live in a clean house that reflects what I love

15  be able to play bass, guitar, harmonica and keyboards

16  travel


to be continued...



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