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 1) Own a home

 2) Play more with my children

 3) Continue to knit and improve

 4) Become less self conscience

 5) Finally have a true good self esteem

 6) Learn to pick up after myself

 7) Learn to scuba dive

 8) Volunteer overeseas doing something - not sure what yet

 9) Learn Spanish

10) Have more patience

11) Ride  a motorcycle (won't happen, but would LOVE to)

12) Go back to school to become a high school history teacher

13) Make friends easier

14) Learn to spin (wool)

15) Nurture my relationship with my husband in the way he needs

16) Worry less

17) Forgive myself for my shortcomings

18) Stop eating so much junk

19) Take a family vacation to Greece

20) Stop being so critical

21) Learn to sew

22) Learn to put anything together from directions

23) Get a sense of direction

24) Take a weeks vacation with my mom - just the two of us

25) Spend a month with my Gramma while I still can (this won't happen, she wouldn't want that much company)

26) Stop blowing money and learn to budget properly (see #1)

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