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Becky's 100 things to do

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Things I need to do


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  1. Really go hunting with my husband
  2. Paint our dining room red!
  3. Have a great relationship with my Grandma
  4. Call my Grandpa more often
  5. Go to church at least once a month
  6. Be more faithful about keeping a journal
  7. Ski gracefully down a hill without fear
  8. Live in a differnt state for at least two years
  9. Stop feeling guilty about taking my clothes to the drycleaners
  10. Be more healthful
  11. Recycle more
  12. Overcome my fear of touching fish
  13. Experience the Tetons
  14. Go to Texas
  15. Have a Texas license plate (you know what that means!!)
  16. Take Brandon to that special place in Jackson, Ca.
  17. Visit Danielle more often
  18. Finish my photo books
  19. Paint the guest bathroom
  20. Find a really cute way of re-doing my laundry room 
  21. Find, buy, or make something to organize my laundry room



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