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Blogversary's 100 Things to Do

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Things I need to do


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  1.  Finish the baby room before Dec.
  2. Finish the landscaping around the new deck
  3. Go to an art fair this fall and buy something
  4. Run/walk a marathon
  5. Read The Tender Bar
  6. Meditate or read Bible at least 2 days a week
  7. Find a favorite candle and candle smell
  8. Eat more salads
  9. Cook 3 homemade meals a week
  10. Visit Northern California
  11. Visit Italy
  12. Visit Hawaii
  13. Take a good picture of my daughter with her Nana
  14. Finish my daughter's scrapbook before the new baby is born (almost there!)
  15. Plant a vegetable garden
  16. Have new flooring installed in thebasement
  17. Get rid of the old tire hiding in our backyard
  18. Start a retirement fund of my own; just not husband's
  19. Go to Wimbledon
  20. See a professional soccer game
  21. Buy two pumpkins
  22. Learn to bbq a good steak
  23. Have a book of poetry published
  24. Return to teaching after the kids are in school
  25. Learn how to use Photoshop
  26. Teach my children how to play piano or guitar
  27. Be interviewed on a radio show
  28. Visit Alaska
  29. Take a self defense class
  30. Take a CPR class


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