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byLorili's List

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100 (or more) things to do…


  1. Define me:  Yummy, Beautiful, Organized, Finishing, Inspiring, Creative, Traveling, Learning, Physical, Giving,   
  2. Organize craft supplies http://bylorili.blogspot.com/2007/11/day-eighteen-or-hooray-its-floor.html
  3. Create an inspiring studio space
  4. Paint the furniture
  5. Schedule & perform home maintenance tasks
  6. Schedule & maintain our vehicles
  7. Purchase new vehicle (one down, one to go)
  8. Remodel the kitchen
  9. Remodel the master suite
  10. Invent something
  11. Remake Exercise Room (& start using it!)
  12. Finish Refreshing the Guest Bedroom
  13. Install new floor in Craft Room
  14. Fix the Office
  15. Update resume’
  16. Decide what you want in a new job and go after it
  17. Find & purchase land to build on (Mountain? Beach?)
  18. Design dream home & build it
  19. Live comfortably in Europe for a year, no/minimal job attached
  20. Spend time at the beach
  21. Visit all national parks in the US
  22. Visit all 50 states (not just drive-thru!)
  23. Go snorkeling in the South Pacific
  24. Spend extended time on a sailboat
  25. Learn to sail
  26. Reshape body into a thing of beauty and a work of art and strength
  27. Get comfortable dancing
  28. Learn to speak conversational French, Spanish &/or Italian
  29. Learn to speak conversational Aussie & Cockney
  30. Organize & digitize photos & film negatives
  31. Develop the habit of daily exercise
  32. Eat mindfully
  33. Spend time with family members, get to really know them
  34. Create and install dream garden/landscape
  35. Figure out how to make more than enough money from home or “wherever” 
  36. Retire at 55
  37. Pick a new veggie each month and fix it four times
  38. Pick a new fruit each month and fix it/eat it four times
  39. Try one new recipe each week
  40. Join a local farm co-op
  41. Learn great knife skills
  42. Drink wine weekly (journal it to remember it) http://byloriliwine.blogspot.com/
  43. Get a great haircut & learn how to style it!!
  44. Start & keep a daily journal / blog  http://bylorili.blogspot.com/
  45. Start & keep a daily photo journal / blog http://byloriliphoto.blogspot.com/
  46. Start & keep a daily food diary (yes, I know no one else is interested, but maybe it will help me!) In progress
  47. Write bad poetry (see blog for #44)
  48. Read good fiction and share it
  49. Become more knowledgeable about our political parties
  50. Become active in a “cause” I can feel good/care about (Diabetes?)
  51. Volunteer time
  52. Get comfortable performing in front of a crowd
  53. Create/Purchase a cohesive stylish wardrobe that functions
  54. Get comfortable yet oh-so-sexy shoes, damn the cost (many pairs)
  55. Buy a fabulous pair of cowboy boots
  56. Find an attractive hat to wear
  57. Let your husband know how much you love him
  58. Visit the Orient
  59. Visit Australia
  60. Practice Guerilla Art Got the book, now to practice!
  61. Learn to play an instrument (Piano/Cello)
  62. Get a huge henna tattoo
  63. Go on a retreat  - figure out what you want to do with your life
  64. Get wills done (complete with scholarship trust)
  65. Write short stories/children stories & illustrate them
  66. Learn how to perform a Japanese tea ceremony
  67. Learn how to make sushi
  68. Go whale watching
  69. See the northern lights
  70. Get aggressive about having sex
  71. See glaciers in their native habitat
  72. Meet some smart people and cultivate their company
  73. Establish/Join a neighborhood poker game
  74. Paint with watercolors regularly
  75. Go Hang gliding
  76. Paint with acrylics regularly
  77. Take a trip across the United States with the nephews one summer
  78. Bake more bread
  79. Learn Photoshop in Progress
  80. Learn calligraphy
  81. Plant more daffodils
  82. Take more interest in makeup/hair
  83. Entertain at home once a month
  84. Learn how to smoke a brisket
  85. Learn how to make a flakey pie crust
  86. Play in the world series of poker and profit from it
  87. Take an Alaskan cruise
  88. Create “art” weekly
  89. Live a healthy 100 years
  90. Plant trees (dogwoods, maples, redbuds)
  91. Create Seed Bombs & use them
  92. Purchase “the” grill
  93. Prepare for Emergencies (Fire, Flood, Earthquake)
  94. Remodel the Deck
  95. Make Jam in the summer
  96. Make Sorbet in the summer
  97. Learn how to Belly Dance
  98. Make Pickles in the fall
  99. Learn & Practice Yoga regularly
  100. Meet Alton Brown in a non-fan capacity, say “Thank you”
  101. Be a multi-millionaire (for more than two consecutive years)
  102. The rest of the time, be financially responsible and comfortable
  103. Make beautiful jewelry
  104. “No Fear” when it comes to skiing (but don’t be stupid either!)
  105.  Have a week on a house boat with family
  106. Take pictures in Canyonlands National Park
  107. Sell pictures to a travel magazine
  108. Have an article/photo spread in B&W
  109. Have & use a large format film camera
  110. Make beautiful portraits of everyday people
  111. Finish the first hand knitted sweater
  112. Design the “perfect” sweater for your shape & size
  113. Knit said “perfect” sweater
  114. Teach something to someone
  115. Say “Thank you” more often
  116. Be generous with compliments
  117. Display unique artwork
  118. Ride in a hot air balloon (take pictures)
  119. Have a telescope and scope out the stars
  120. Take another astronomy class
  121. Finish hand-work already-in-progress
  122. Figure out the best time to take pictures where ever you are and make sure you are there then tomorrow
  123. Take pictures of loved ones frequently, both spontaneously & planned
  124. Visit Mexico
  125. Learn about fantasy football or baseball & participate? 
  126. Take an RV long-term vacation through the US
  127. Own an antique, working, pick-up truck that is drivable around town on a regular basis, (or at least antique-looking (paint it deep metallic purple))
  128. Determine both home and personal comprehensive style – eclectic is only a starting point (then try and limit your choices to that style)
  129. Learn about Buddhism
  130. Pray/Meditate daily
  131. Practice doing well
  132. Learn how to tell a good story
  133. Have a great bag
  134. Organize CD’s
  135. Buy “different” music
  136. Watch less TV
  137. Watch great movies instead
  138. Submit one-liners to Leno/Letterman/Ferguson until one airs
  139. Meet Colin Mockery
  140. Become a pen pal
  141. Become published (self-published blurb book for sister!)
  142. Create a new cocktail http://bylorili.blogspot.com/2007/11/day-seventeen-or-lemonade.html
  143. Submit a ribbon winning item to the State Fair
  144. Get info to State Farm (complete)
  145. Enter art/photo contests
  146. Wrap my mind around our finances
  147. Consider going back to school for doctoring
  148. Choose Boldly
  149. Learn how to read the clouds
  150. Take up a sport – tennis, rollerblading, swimming, slow-pitch softball
  151. Adopt a redwood tree
  152. Start a quote book In Progress
  153. Correspond with the family on a regular basis
  154. Make a real budget, not a wishy one and stick to it
  155. Set up a great pantry
  156. Start reading a good newspaper on line, keep up with current events
  157. Keep the house clean
  158. Be brave, choose courage
  159. Donate to Goodwill once a week
  160. See Lyle Lovette in intimate concert
  161. See Sara McLaughlin play the piano in person
  162. Learn how to dance to hip hop music
  163. Get a suit that fits
  164. Get a fabulous dress
  165. Meet Craig Ferguson and exchange more than 10 words with him
  166. Learn how to make the perfect dirty gin martini (mmmm yummy - the secret is crushed ice, then shake longer than you think!)
  167. Make some Oilily inspired clothes
  168. Share a picture blog with BBSis
  169. Participate in the self-portrait challenges
  170. Work on making cards every week.
  171. Make Reservations for Yosemite (Week of Thanksgiving - AWESOME TRIP!)
  172. Finish the Guest Room
  173. Finish pink rose painting
  174. Finish other rose painting (4'x6' in transit to Kim now!)


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Anonymous said

at 9:22 pm on Dec 20, 2007

Great to see your photo blog become a reality. I love the image of the mushroom.

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