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Calijo's List

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100s of Things to Do


  1. Write and publish a book.
  2. Visit Costa Rica
  3. Visit New Zealand
  4. Take a photography class
  5. Enter a race
  6. Build a tree house
  7. Rebuild a wooden boat
  8. Make pasta
  9. Plant a peony field
  10. Refinish the dresser
  11. Plant a stand of minature fruit trees
  12. Dig a pond
  13. Host a movie night
  14. Send Dave the letter & the DVD
  15. Throw out a box of stuff
  16. Move my closet
  17. Get a piano
  18. Sign Savannah up for piano lessons
  19. Crewel
  20. Finish knitting the slippers
  21. Felt the purple purse
  22. Remind Kitty to buy pashimas for s



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