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ccpalmer's list

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Whatever you can do,

or dream you can,

begin it.

Boldness has genius,

power, and magic in it. 

Begin it!     






  1. Write dream job resume
  2. Believe in "The Audacity of Hope"
  3. Do  a "Mancha..." feature in Miranda
  4. post COMING SOON! e-mail in Poetry
  5. Take sundays "off"
  6. taake one day a week to donate, recycle, or throw-away all unnecessary "stuff"
  7. proposal to jeff re: island (planted the seed 2/15/08)


  8. start THIS summer
  9. get a book deal with chronicle books
  10. get a book of poetry published by penguin
  11. determine business priorities for the next six months
  12. start an english/spanish conversation group (started the facebook group for marketing 2/14/08)
  13. update my resume; make it authentic.  Objective: to fashion my job to be" a hobby that pays."
  14. make an edible herb garden outside the kitchen (bought first herbs 3/23/08)

  15. paint the kitchen and make it more user-friendly
  16. make a meal plan for each week on sunday
  17. prep food for the week on sunday mornings
  18. ride bike to plaza mercado and/or veggie cart 1x week
  19. ride bike to chinese grocery 1x week
  20. paint clouds in the bathroom (carle?)
  21. fix-up the bedroom
  22. fix-up the "room of my own"
  23. get over my "fear of flying"
  24. become gainfully self-employed
  25. learn to "duck-dive"
  26. surf (beach lesons before trial by water this time)
  27. go to the rainforest more
  28. write a book with my dad (start with the dictionary) update: started this 1/31/08
  29. and sign a contract to publish it with a publisher i admire
  30. write a book with my mom
  31. go to old san juan 1-2x a week (to meet with friends, work)
  32. start a small biz women's group--virtual (blog), AND in-person
  33. join leonor's ceramics group first class 3/13/08


  34. invite abundance into my life
  35. make a blog or website for leonor and her ceramicist friends
  36. become financially empowered/have more CHOICES
  37. practice pilates 3-5x week
  38. practice meditation (start with folding clothes and house cleaning)
  39. write/work on book project for at least 30 minutes each morning


  40. write letters to my brothers
  41. write more letters AND SEND THEM
  42. start "Letters to World" blog
  43. get volunteers/helpers to develop LTW blog (from vets administartion?, do oral history project)


  44. contact sean mc lain brown and the woman who runs the veterans workshops re: veterans workshops and resources
  45. have a room of my own  (thank you c.j.!)
  46. have health insurance
  47. remember that mind/body/soul works together and TAKE CARE OF MYSELF


  48. build e-mail contacts lists for social and work purposes (Does anyone know if i can "export" this to my phone and vice-versa??)
  49. create a bilingual poetry reading room in San Juan, Puerto Rico (English and Spanish)
  50. Visit Brasil again
  51. Learn to relax deeply
  52. Have more fun
  53. Buy some land in the rainforest with friends
  54. and then build an eco arts/education compound
  55. call Rumi and ask after the two biodieseled cars he left in PR
  56. prepare healthy food for me and my family every day
  57. become confident in reading my poetry in front of an audience
  58. take risks that lead to new opportunities
  59. strengthen my immune system
  60. create a visual journal
  61. buy mags at salvation army and try out the visual journal idea with sjw next wednesday
  62. make a new years' resolution/creative visualization collage
  63. ween myself off the daily coffee routine
  64. drink fabulous teas
  65. start biz "a" (top secret idea, of course) thanks for your help. jeff


  66. believe in myself and my ability to live my dreams
  67. spoil my guys
  68. "walk" in my graduation in May
  69. celebrate completing my thesis manuscript
  70. help someone i love
  71. see dolphins again in the "wild"
  72. do my part to protect wild places
  73. be a better recycler
  74. a better yard for bambu
  75. Visit China
  76. Visit Corsica
  77. be less judgemental/critical
  78. give the perfectionist the day off
  79. learn songs to sing with cj
  80. write a few songs with cj
  81. and then post them on myspace music
  82. collaborate with marnie on a book or project (remember the "angel card" "decks")
  83. live outside of p.r. in the summer months
  84. offer writing workshops in san juan again (began on 2/27)


  85. offer a workshop in vieques once a month
  86. inquire about renting the space owned by perpetuo


  87. offer a workshop in miramar (visual journal 4 kids? 4 adults?)
  88. offer writing workshop(s) in NYC and CT in may (mom wants to collaborate on this-- painting and writing)
  89. "     " in Indiana in May

  90. Goto Chicago and meet James Tadd Alcox
  91. help mom with web copy/make weekly or monthly plan (e-mail brochure, a bit of blog help)


  92. goto griff's graduation from columbia
  93. goto cuba before fidel dies (if he hasn't already)(update: just got invited!...expensive...)
  94. goto puerto vallarta with dad & cj
  95. win a chapbook contest
  96. publish my first poetry book
  97. become a "mentor" in a low-residency writing program
  98. remember to do everything with love
  99. court my muse (one artist date a week)
  100. walk in the woods more
  101. ride my bike more(update-- it's opur new sunday activity!)
  102. sell my scooter for a good price
  103. fix our car
  104. get a car that runs on biodiesel/grease SOON (ask rumi and hector about this!!!!)


  105. learn more about biodiesel/alternative energy
  106. exceed my potential
  107. learn more systems for living with a.d.d
  108. learn more about tourettes syndrome
  109. make a list of the music i want to download to my ipod
  110. take charge of my reproductive health (update: working on this 1/31/08)
  111. be scared/worried/anxious less
  112. learn to whistle
  113. write a crown of sonnets
  114. learn to ride a horse without fear of falling!
  115. get over my allergies (update: i'm on my way! slept i a bed with adown comforter and pillows for the last 2 nights without a sneeze!!)
  116. become a homeowner
  117. keep in better touch with friends
  118. create a book of recipes (mostly mom's!)
  119. sing in a band 
  120. take salsa classes with cj
  121. go to more museums
  122. goto gallery night every first tuesday!!!
  123. read at the poet's passage once a month
  124. write poetry in spanish
  125. write flash fiction
  126. START submitting poems to lit mags and journals!!!!
  127. hang out with kids and animals more
  128. give a fabulous reading on jan. 2-
  129. give a fabulous wkshp in january (it was fun!)
  130. make a life list
  131. become an idea consultant
  132. make business cards THANKS MOM!
  133. choose one day a month to send out work no matter what
  134. choose one day a month to complete biz projects

    choose one day a month to complete miranda/mancha projects

  135. use business cards!
  136. take voice lessons
  137. mentor someone
  138. cry more
  139. laugh more
  140. live a passionate life
  141. live completely off the grid
  142. drink lemon water
  143. learn to cut my dog's toenails (sorry to be gross)
  144. get fit again!!!
  145. record my dreams every morning
  146. practice creative visualization
  147. make angel card decks for 6 people as new years' gifts (update: 3 down, ana, jeff, liz to go)
  148. get out of debt
  149. invest in myself
  150. save $
  151. make a wise financial investment
  152. re-learn to speak portuguese
  153. learn to write well in spanish
  154. learn to speak italian
  155. improve my francais
  156. develop a daily writing practice
  157. figure out a system to keep my house neat and tidy
  158. find a place for everything and put everything in its place
  159. get a wetsuit shirt for swimming
  160. don't be such a wimp about "cold" water -- swim more (gulp)
  161. find a fabulous outfit to wear at my poetry reading
  162. practice reading poetry outloud
  163. set aside one afternoon a week to work on miranda mag

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