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Darcy's Life Altering List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

Things I need to do in this lifetime:




  1. Summit Mt. Pisgah
  2. See Monarchs in Mexico
  3. Travel by Train to Seattle and see needle
  4. Take photos of Las Vegas Welcome sign
  5. Find rocks at Grand canyon
  6. Take Hippie bus cross country to NY
  7. Eat Calimari
  8. Stay in a Buddhist monastery
  9. Do one weekend at a silent retreat
  10. Learn to speak Spanish, fluently
  11. Visit Indonesia
  12. Enter a kaorake contest
  13. Shave my head completely bald
  14. Learn to play the drums (bongo, preferably)
  15. See panda bears in their natural (non-zoo) habitat
  16. Sit, relax, and read a book next to the Great wall of China
  17. Volunteer to serve dinner to the homeless on Turkey Day
  18.  Teach a class about loving yourself just the way you are
  19.   Send out the book "Cunt" to every woman I love
  20. Go to a scrapbook convention
  21. Remember to call family and friends on their birthdays
  22. Buy a nice camera (Nikon)
  23. Paint a self portrait
  24. Sleep on the beach
  25. Buy and keep a journal
  26. Write more love notes to my s.o.
  27. Say "thank you" to all those that have blessed me with their lives and friendships
  28. Have Sunday brunch with my ex and new gf twice a month (kids too)
  29.   Become more involved in my community
  30. Take a trip home for Christmas
  31. Make home made presents for X-mas and b-days
  32. Take pictures of graffitti in city...
  33. Find my artistic eye again
  34. Become more financially responsible/independent
  35. Get off of my medication and seek counseling
  36. Eat and buy more farm grown veggies and fruits
  37. Make at least one new friend
  38.   Learn to do the Tango
  39. Reach total enlightenment before I die


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