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Dreamgirl's Lists

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 4 months ago

Things I need to do


Retire early (50 years old)

Stand on the edge of a volcano

Ride on a dogsled

Have a picture taken with a python

Ride in a whirlpool jet in Niagara

Hike to Macchu Picchu

Climb the CN tower in Toronto, Canada

Finish a walkathon

Cross a glacier by cable car

Make a quilt

Fly in a helicopter

A glider

A hot-air balloon.

Climb the Great Wall of China

Walk across a rope bridge over a ravine.

Learn cross-country skiing.

Sell a painting of my own

Knit a scarf

Learn to make pottery on a pottery wheel

Finish my cross-stitch projects

Learn to make pottery on a pottery wheel

Finish my cross-stitch projects

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Bake a cake complete with fancy icings.

Learn to sew.

Create home movies.

Get a henna tatoo on my hands.

Fly a kite

Climb a wall in Mont Tremblant

Climb to the top of Statue of Liberty

Walk on air on Grand Canyon Skywalk

Cross the Millau Bridge in Tarn Valley, France

Drive to Amalfi Coast, Italy

Visit Stonehenge.

Attend a cooking class.

Spend a week volunteering in an orphanage

Hear mass at Vatican.

Donate blood.

Fit on size 4 or 6 clothes.

Visit Musee de Orsay

Spend a day in British Museum.

Sponsor a child.

Visit a temple in Kyoto, Japan

Go on a spiritual retreat.

Establish a scholarship foundation.

Plant a tree.

Grow an herb garden.

Attend a japanese tea ceremony.

Watch an eclipse from start to finish

Stand at the foot of a giant redwood tree.

Eat lobster in PEI

Drive thru the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

See the old Faithful geyser.

See ice calvings in Alaska

Swim with dolphins

Go whalewatching with my kids

See the northern lights.

See icebergs in Newfoundland

Canoe in Lac Louise, Alberta

See the Canadian Rockies

Spend an afternoon in lavender fields of Provence

Dip my toes in Atlantic Ocean.

Visit Patagonia, Chile.

Watch the tide come in at Bay of Fundy, N.B.

See a polar bear in the wild.

Climb Mount Fuji.

Explore a cave.

Fly firstclass

Sleep in the Sleeper class - Train

Spend a weekend in Fairmont Tremblant

Spend a weekend in Fairmont Manoir Richelieu

Build our dream home

Ride in a convertible

Spend a weekend in Fairmont Chateau Lac Louise

Soak in the blue lagoon in Iceland

Indulge on a spa treatment in Bath, England

Ride in a limousine

Own a Manolo Blahnik shoes

Own something from Tiffany's

Watch a famous singer's concert

Watch Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas

Meet Donald Duck in Florida

Swim in an infinity pool.

Have high tea in London

Drink wine in Bordeaux

Taste cheese in Loire valley

Eat pasta in Tuscany.

Eat peking duck in Hongkong.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

Eat sushi in Tokyo.

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 11:11 pm on May 10, 2008

i LOVE your list! it really inspires me and i want to add some of yours to mine! just wanted to tell you that my family sponsors a child through world vision and it has been wonderful! it will be the biggest blessing in your life, i promise! to have such a impact on another family half way around the world is very humbling. you will change the life of the child's whole family in incredible ways with the amount of money we spend to go out to eat! i just want to encourage you to try it. when you get your first letter from your sponsored child telling you how now they have food to eat and they are able to go to school because of you, it will make you wonder why you never did it sooner! in fact now i want to start sponsoring another child! and i'm going to add that ot my list!! thanks, julie

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