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emily's list

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Emily's 100 Things in no particular order:



  1. Grow veggie's in a garden with my kids & watch them get excited about eating things we grew. 
  2. Find a way to supplement our income without childcare. 
  3. Reconnect with old friends. 
  4. Make new friends. 
  5. Have a home that is neat and orderly but not stuffy.
  6. Don't freak out when #5 doesn't happen.
  7. Buy new clothes that I love and that look good on me (not just because they are on sale).
  8. Organize our family photos both printed and digital.  Don't be afraid to delete the bad, blurry, duplicated ones. 
  9. Take better care of my skin & teeth.
  10. Get health insurance and get the family in to the doctor for checkups & to the dentist.
  11. Get out of debt!
  12. Go on vacation without feeling guilty about money or time spent.
  13. Start and finish K's baby book.
  14. Encourage and/or help R reconnect with his family.
  15. Take the kids to a Padres game once a year.
  16. Bake bread.
  17. Drink coffee in an outdoor cafe in Italy.
  18. Take the kids camping. Show them how cool life can be without electricity.
  19. Spend time with S&G and our family back east.
  20. Invite Grandma over for dinner more often.
  21. Have an inspiration cork board and a place of my own to do creative things.
  22. Read a great children's novel with M.
  23. Have family photos professionally done.
  24. Invest in a great camera and learn to use it well.
  25. Learn another language.
  26. Refinish K's dresser & M's desk.
  27. Host a formal dinner party & don't spend the whole evening in the kitchen.
  28. Invest in new pots & pans and learn to use them well.
  29. Don't drive if you can walk or ride a bike.
  30. Volunteer at M's school.
  31. Drink more water.
  32. Get more sleep.
  33. Write out our will.
  34. See the movie Once, and if I like it as much as I think I will, buy it.
  35. Buy M a bike and teach her to ride.
  36. Buy a bike rack for the car and spend weekends on the greenbelt.
  37. Have eyebrows done professionally.
  38. Dress up for a formal event.
  39. Get kayak lessons for R.
  40. Learn to make fish taco's the Rubios way.
  41. Go to Disneyworld when M is 10 & K is 5.


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