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EquineSpirit's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago
  1. enter a dressage test
  2. participate in an Arabian class A show
  3. ride my horse in a parade
  4. show my horse during the MN State Fair horse show
  5. participate in the MN Horse Expo
  6. own a horse of MiKael's breeding (Rising Rainbow Arabians)
  7. have a professional photo shoot done of Diago and myself
  8. put to good use the DVD and patterns I purchased this summer and put together my own Arabian horse native costume
  9. go on a weekend camping trip/trail ride
  10. get Khia (Siberian Husky) certified as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
  11. become an UBAH supervisor
  12. become an UBAH educational consultant
  13. own every horse title Usborne offers
  14. travel - Australia, China, Japan, Washington DC
  15. learn to speak Japanese and Chinese
  16. learn a martial art
  17. go back to school (online courses)
  18. try cross country skiing and/or skijoring
  19. take dance lessons
  20. get a massage
  21. fly an airplane
  22. do yoga a minimum of three times a week
  23. attend a high school reunion
  24. ride every adult ride at Valley Fair
  25. finish painting/putting up wallpaper border in every room in our house
  26. add a couple rooms onto our home
  27. finish the basement
  28. get the house resided
  29. plant a fruit garden
  30. own 10-15 acres just outside of town for a small hobby farm
  31. create five more soup recipes
  32. acquire the hardcover version of the four books I'm missing from my Harry Potter collection
  33. read all the Harry Potter books in sequential order again
  34. finish all the cross stitch projects I've started
  35. enter a layout at a fair
  36. become a scrapbooking/stamping design team member
  37. finish the boys' baby scrapbooks
  38. get caught up with the Santa Claus scrapbook
  39. finish all of the scrapbook/altered items projects I've started and have yet to finish
  40. get over my fear of public speaking
  41. stop letting perfectionism run my life
  42. be a more patient person
  43. get my weight down to 140 pounds
  44. fix my credit
  45. become debt free
  46. blog 5000 posts
  47. send out Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc cards on time every year
  48. attend the annual Red Wing Holiday Stroll that takes place the day after Thanksgiving
  49. get family memberships to the Minnesota Zoo and MN Science Museum every year
  50. have an extended family dinner once EVERY month

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