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Things Island Jen needs to do in her lifetime: 


  • jump off a cliff in maui
  • own her own business
  • visit the Philippines - again
  • jump out of an airplane
  • get published
  • travel to europe - and take my time
  • learn to speak tagalog
  • live in another country for at least a year
  • throw a dinner party just because
  • visit the oprah show
  • take an entire summer off to drive across country
  • take myself to hawaii
  • learn to scuba dive
  • get comfortable in my skin (getting there...started by losing almost 20lbs...now working on the mental side of it)
  • raise money for a cause i believe in
  • read more (definitely been reading more lately...can we say twilight series in 10 days!)
  • get on the today show
  • learn to accept success
  • save up six months worth of my salary
  • fill my home with my art
  • get my nose pierced
  • finally make the invest in a good camera
  • learn how to use the good camera i invested in (2/08 - working through an online class now!)
  • take the time to learn photoshop
  • get in front of the camera more (even if all my pics make me look like i'm storing nuts for the winter!)
  • read more to my son....it is the foundation of learning!!
  • stay off the computer when i get home from work...such a time sucker
  • incorporate the philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle
  • start a photography business on the side
  • host a handmade postcard exchange
  • teach draven to read
  • knit a pair of socks




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