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Janies List

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Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die



  1. Dance with (or just touch) Bono
  2. Visit Europe
  3. Learn to sew
  4. Finish the St. George marathon
  5. Stop drinking Diet Coke - forever!
  6. Sing karaoke in a real karaoke bar (non-alcoholic, of course)
  7. Stand inside a redwood tree with my girls
  8. REALLY read and study the Book of Mormon
  9. See and catch a real firefly in a glass jar
  10. Be better about returning phone calls and emails from friends
  11. Learn how to eat with chopsticks
  12. Learn how to boogie board
  13. Read Jesus The Christ
  14. Feel confident at my 20 year reunion
  15. Witness my daughters graduating from college
  16. Find a way to get Eric in to play a round at Augusta
  17. Take my Mom to Seattle and spend time with her visiting her home town
  18. Attend a session of General Conference at the conference center
  19. Attend a taping of the Oprah Show
  20. See the Grand Canyon
  21. Take a dance class with Eric
  22. Spend more quality time with my girlfriends
  23. Hike Mt. Timpanogus
  24. Run up the steps in Philadelphia from the movie Rocky
  25. Take more pictures
  26. Loose 30 or so pounds and keep it off
  27. Start and keep a daily gratitude journal
  28. Get laser hair removal
  29. Take tennis lessons - play regularly
  30. Cut fast food out of my diet
  31. Drive the entire PCH in a convertible with Eric
  32. Buy a cashmere sweater
  33. FINALLY figure out the plot of LOST - all questions answered!
  34. Have nicely manicured hands
  35. Volunteer as a mentor on a weekly basis
  36. Learn digital scrapbooking  - take PhotoShop classes
  37. Spend more time at the Library with my girls
  38. Sleep in a five star hotel room in New York
  39. Sleep in our backyard under the stars with Eric and the girls
  40. Call the Dave Ramsey show and be able to shout "we're debt free!!" with the Braveheart music playing in the background
  41. Take my girls to Gettysburg adn the Holocaust museum
  42. See Wicked
  43. Take a helicopter tour of Hawaii
  44. Say "I Love You" more often
  45. Meet a prophet
  46. Have a good visit with John and Sue
  47. Go on a pioneer trek
  48. Be a better listener
  49. Spend a whole week at the beach with my brothers, my parents and my family
  50. Grow my own vegetables
  51. Learn how to finish playing George Winston's Holly and the Ivy by ear
  52. Go with Eric and the girls on a service mission to Saululita, Mexico
  53. Be a guest on the Oprah show
  54. Be a better listener
  55. Build a home or cabin
  56. Stop chewing the inside of my cheeks
  57. Go to bed early, wake up early
  58. Go to BYU Education week
  59. Rent a motorhome and take the family on a cross country trip of small towns
  60. Help Eric get his Masters degree to become a therapist
  61. Be able to re-tell a funny joke
  62. Visit all of the locations from the Sound of Music
  63. Write the book that's been in my head for the last 10 years
  64. Have a frank, honest conversation with the ex
  65. Visit Nag's Head beach with Eric and collect shark's teeth



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