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Jennifer's 100 Things To Do

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 1 month ago

My Dreams and aspirations, complied into a list


1. Grow Sunflowers.

2. Leave my skin alone.

3. Walk more often.

4. Ride my bike more often.

5. Take a painting class. Watercolors or oil.

6. Invest in a super digital camera. (Thank you Christian, You are numero uno!!!)

7. Take more photos.

8. Learn to cook, really cook.

9. Put together a recipe book of my favorite dishes that I know how to make.

10. Be grateful for something beautiful every day.

11. Meet some of these inspiring bloggers in person. (Thank you Jen!!)

12. Get a great tan every summer.

13. Enjoy the outdoors more often.

14. Learn and use photoshop.

15. Invest in a new MAC (Thank you for my wonderful Birthday Surprise, Christian)

16. See the dentist and get my teeth in order.

17. Feel confidant.

18. Explore my creativity deeper.

19. Learn meditation and practice it.

20. Fully support, love, and nourish my friends.

21. Get more sleep.

22. Learn Spanish.

23. Stay true to myself always.

24. - Eat healthy.- (Oh I feel so much better, and have so much more energy.)

25. Enjoy more lunches with people I know.

26. Say I love you more often.

27. Nurture self confidence and humility into my children. (When I have them.)

28. Have a family.

29. Grow old and stay strong (mentally and physically).

30. Clean out my closet. (Although I feel this could be an on going thing each month, but it is done now :)

31. Own a sail boat.

32. Live close enough to the ocean that I could take my bike there.

33. Swim in the ocean more often.

34. -Be more enviormentally friendly. - (I am taking steps to do my part.)

35. Take dancing lessons.

36. Read more often.

37. Take better care of the skin I'm in.

38. Call friends and family more often.

39. Visit Yellowstone National Park.

40. Drive cross country again.

41. Study Cuba and learn about Castro.

42. Learn to play the piano.

43. Play more games.

44. Get a massage.

45. Experience the theatre more frequently.

46. Be more open with people.

47. Stay tuned to my emotions, and understand them. Instead of just being angry.

48. Swim more often.

49. Laugh more often.

50. Visit every single baseball stadium.

Angel Stadium: Los Angeles Angels

Camden Yards: Baltimore Orioles

Comerica Park: Detroit Tigers

Jacobs Field: Cleveland Indians

Kauffman Stadium: Kansas City Royals

Fenway Park: Boston Red Sox

McAfee Coliseum: Oakland A's

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington: Texas Rangers

Rogers Centre: Toronto Blue Jays

Safeco Field: Seattle Mariners

Tropicana Field: Tamapa Bay Devil Rays

U.S Cellular Field: Chicago White Sox

Yankee Stadium: New York Yankees


AT&T Park: San Francisco Giants

Busch Stadium: St. Louis Cardinals

Chase Field: Arizona Diamond Backs

Citizens Bank Park: Philadelphia Phillies

Coors Field: Colorado Rockies

Dodger Stadium: Los Angeles Dodgers

Dolphin Stadium: Florida Marlins

Great American Ball Park: Cincinnati Reds

Miller Park: MIlwaukee Brewers

Minute Maid Park: Houston Astros

Petco Park: San Diego Padres

PNC Park: Pittsburgh Pirates

RFK Stadium: Washington Nationals

- Shea Stadium: New York Mets-

Turner Field: Atlanta Braves

Wrigley Field: Chicago Cubs

Cisco Field: Oakland A's (2009)

Citi Field: New York Mets (2009)

Miami Ballpark: Florida Marlins (2010)

Twins Ballpark: Minnesota Twins (2010)

Washington Ballpark: Washington Nationals (2008)

Yankee Stadium II: New York Yankees (2009)


51. Grow flowers without killing them.

52. Journal more often.

53. Share: thoughts, ideas, myself.

54. Attend a SARK workshop.

55. Get another SuperHero necklace.

56. Be an inspiring teacher.

57. Make sure my friends know how important they are to me.

58. Be photographed by *RoseandSuperhero*

59. Stop being lazy.

60. To welcome into my heart all that life has in store for me, and not be afraid.

61. To choose caring and loving friends who will add to the quality of my life and inspire me.

62. Get out of debt.

63. Buy a house.

64, Own a car, rather than lease.

65. To dance more often like no one is watching, even if they are. (Posting my video on youtube was a huge step

for this, and people did watch it, haha. Dancing is to much fun to not do it all the time.)

66. To sing at the top of my lungs.

67. To love myself more.

68. Print and put all my photos into albums.

69. Not be afraid.

70. Be more patient.

71. Kayak.

72. Spend more time on things that matter.

73. Spend more time in the library.

74. Learn to say no.

75. Go on another Community Links adventure.

76. Work for Community Links.

77. Live in Mexico.

78. See all of Christians stomping grounds in his hometown.

79. To get my teacher certification.

80. To get my sub certification.

81. To enjoy more beautiful days with Christian.

82. Enjoy more sunsets.

83. Attend Blogher.

84. Make and print my very own ZINE!

85. Get a fulfilling, enjoyable, well paying job.

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 9:34 pm on Oct 15, 2007

Jennifer, I think one of my favorites on your list so far is "To choose caring and loving friends who will add to the quality of my life and inspire me." I have thought about this one lately when it comes to my own life. Thanks for sharing.

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