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Jeny's 100 things to do

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Things I need to do


  1. Collect mailing address of old friends from college.
  2. Call my cousins.
  3. Pay my BOA credit card off.
  4. Go through my holiday tubs and get rid of old stuff.
  5. Get the rest of my stuff from Carlos's house.
  6. Start letterboxing.
  7. Go camping in the fall.
  8. Go on an agressive hike.
  9. Buy all terrain shoes.
  10. Find a diet and stick to it for 27 days.
  11. Make art a habit everyday.
  12. Be a better sister.
  13. Finish Triplee's shadow box.
  14. Learn to sew waistbands.
  15. Finish the A-line skirt pattern I bought.
  16. Update my blog daily.
  17. Learn to take photos of my art.
  18. Back-up my music and photos from my laptop.
  19. Find and stick with one photo solution.
  20. 30 minutes of exercise everyday. (even Saturday & Sunday)
  21. Pray.
  22. Drink  640z of water a day.
  23. Learn to live in the moment.
  24. Finish packing.
  25. Collect address for holiday cards.
  26. Back-up Office computer.
  27. Take yoga.


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