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Joy's List

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100 Things To Do In My Lifetime:




  1. Grow heritage tomatoes
  2. Have an herb garden
  3. Refurbish an historic house
  4. Live in a log cabin
  5. Visit all the lighthouses on the coast of Maine
  6. See the Grand Canyon
  7. Get back into a size 10
  8. Tour Italy
  9. Take the boys to New York City
  10. Wax my brows
  11. Go to an estate sale
  12. Make that cool Pittsburgh dresser
  13. Finish decorating our bedroom
  14. Knit a scarf
  15. Buy a good scrabble game and play it often
  16. Have friends over more
  17. Play tennis on a regular basis
  18. Recycle
  19. Live Greener
  20. Learn to play the piano
  21. Sing more
  22. Have a home decor business
  23. Try a new recipe every week
  24. Make artsy playing cards with this list
  25. See a U2 concert with Jim
  26. Pay off those nasty student loans
  27. Write quotes in the boys' bedroom
  28. See my son, Joel, play the electric guitar
  29. Get a really nice digital camera and take it everywhere
  30. Catch up on my scrapbooking
  31. Finish a quilt
  32. Get a masters degree
  33.  Visit Ireland
  34. Buy a fishing boat
  35. Be debt free
  36. Go to the balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  37. Meet Oprah in person
  38. Clean and organize the garage completely
  39. See Mount Rushmore
  40. Go to a Steeler's game
  41. Find the perfect make-up and buy it
  42. Highlight my hair
  43. Organize the laundry room
  44. Take a photography class
  45. Visit the JunkMarket
  46. Go on the 100mile yard sale with some girlfriends
  47. Read the Bible all the way through
  48. Pray more
  49. Find a church that I love and that loves me back
  50. Be a better mom
  51. Keep a neater house
  52. Beautify the yard
  53. Be able to wear my wedding ring again
  54. Try really good sushi
  55. Listen more and speak less
  56. Be a J.Jill girl
  57. Make a coi pond
  58. Buy an ipod and load it with the best
  59. Say thank you more
  60. Exercise at least a little every day
  61. Never skip breakfast
  62. Finish my family member albums
  63. Buy some great lingerie
  64. Go to a broadway show
  65. Invest in our children's education
  66. Stay closer to our extended family
  67. Visit my brother and Heidi in Maine
  68. Buy some really great shoes (heels, of course)
  69. Get that perfect little black dress (size 10)
  70. Try good caviar
  71. Let others know how special they are to me
  72. On the boys' birthdays, make all day a celebration
  73. Eat at a 5 Star restaurant
  74. Sponsor a child
  75. Visit the Stinson's
  76. Get birthday cards out on time
  77. Make a thanksgiving tree this season
  78. Go tubing
  79. Be more adventurous
  80. Get Christmas cards in the mail (with notes) by Dec. 20th
  81. Be a good friend to someone
  82. Don't jump to conclusions about others
  83. Act with grace, forgiveness, mercy and understanding
  84. Finish my needlepoint project
  85. Get a pedicure
  86. Subject my children to more art
  87. Reduce soda intake
  88. Eat healthier
  89. Learn to make some gourmet crowd pleasing dishes
  90. Read more of the classics
  91. Own a classic Mustang convertible  
  92. Buy the perfect sunglasses for my face
  93. Choose a signature scent and buy it
  94. Play more boardgames with my boys
  95. Let the little things go
  96. Regain my self assuredness
  97. Get a small tattoo (with Jim)
  98. Spend more time at the beach
  99. See the pyramids in Egypt
  100. Focus more on being and not just doing 

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 10:09 pm on May 6, 2008

i love your idea of making art playing cards with the list!

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