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Kat's Life List

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100 Things I will do before I leaves this world.


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  1. Travel to Paris
  2.  Visit New York City
  3. Finsih my Plus 30 in Library Science
  4. Go to a night parade in New Orleans
  5. Eat at Emerile's restaurant in New Orleans
  6. Own my own home 
  7. Finish an all about me scrapbook  (adult life)
  8. Become a mom
  9. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
  10. Swim in the Pacific Ocean 
  11. Visit a vineyard in California
  12. Spend the night at a B&B
  13. Take a carriage ride throught the French Quarter
  14. Own at least 1 piece of diamond jewlery
  15. Clean out my closets and keep them neat
  16. Go to Mass at the Cathedral in New Orleans again
  17. Take an Alaskian Cruise
  18. See Sting in concert again
  19. Create and maintain my own Blog
  20. Attend Creative Escape or similar workshop
  21. Learn how to make a good gumbo  
  22. Learn how to make corn soup
  23. Tell the people that I love "I love you" more often
  24. Embrace my non-marriage lifestyle
  25. learn to garden - really
  26. grow a veggie garden
  27. plant a fruit tree
  28. get a hammock
  29. pray more regularly
  30. establish and maintain a daily routine
  31. work less, play more
  32. visit my family more often
  33. take up painting
  34. learn yoga
  35. finish knitting my purse
  36. crochet a blanket
  37. overcome my fear of power tools (the cutting kind)
  38. learn to sew
  39. host a dinner party
  40. balance checkbook regularly (like I know I should)
  41. have better posture
  42. take pilates
  43. take a photography class
  44. own a really cool camera (Cannon Rebel SLR)
  45. take my niece and nephews to Disney World - just the 4 of us
  46. spend more time with Morgaine
  47. make an effort to visit/call Amie more 
  48. establish a skin care routine and stick with it
  49. scrapbook/create something every week
  50. learn to love myself the way I am right now
  51. visit Rome
  52. go to England and Ireland
  53. learn to use Photoshop
  54. sleep out doors at least once
  55. eat more veggies
  56. Remember all family birthdays (i.e. mail the card before the actual day)
  57. Find Lisa and renew our friendship
  58. learn to trust more
  59. say what is on my mind- don't preplan every important conversation
  60. once a month, be spontanious


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