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Katrins 100 things to do

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

1. Find an older cool woman artist as a mentor

2. Rewrite my old plays, write new ones and try to sell them

3. Try to get into the skript-writing school

4. Sell a skript

5. Invent a new kind of play-book

6. Work as a story-teller (live) for small children and teach them how to tell storys with objects

7. Teach writing in an inspiring envoiroment somwhere at the sea

8. Live at the sea (at least for a while)

9. Learn to really do yoga

10. Do yoga on a regular basis

11. Find my own style of clothing and be not afraid to really dress the way I like

12. Write a really cool book for small children with things to do in it

13. Teach my son how to sleep

12. Build some cool puppets

13. Sew monster-puppets

14. Knitt a pullover for my son -startet-

15. Knitt a pullover for myself

16. Set up a box with homeopathic remedies for home use

17. Learn more about alternative healing

18. Remember my dreams and start a dream-journal

19. Do more fun stuff with my son

20. Travel to the rain-forest

21. Travel to Portugal

22. Stop feeling upset about my mom

23. Find new woman friends found one, I think

24. Eat more healty - startet -

25. Find a new routine for my live - or a rythm in progress

26. Learn italien

27. Go on a pilgrimage (walking, carry my own stuff, alone)

28. Invent new recipies -startet creative cooking again-

29. Bake more cake

30. Read more about dreams - startet-

31. Read more about myths

--32. Drink tea every day - -

33. Give myself a few minutes to enjoy the tea and just breathe

34. Learn to think about nothing for 5 minutes a day

35. Speak the truth more often

36. Let go of my troubles with my family of origin, find a way to deal with them

37. Trust my own ways with my child more

38. Write poetry

39. Believe more in myself

40. Be proud of my work at this very moment I kind of do ;-)

41. Relax more, feel more confident with my life

42. Take care of the plants

43. Take better care of myself - in progress -

44. Keep the house more organized(startet)

45. Ride a camel

46. Invent one very cool character for children (done) (build it, write stories about it...)

47. Break my carreer goals down on microsteps (stop feeling overwelmed)

48. Start a mystery serie on that special idea ;-)

49. Find a better way to deal with other persons mood swings

50. Stop being jealous

51. Stop feeling sorry for myself


--- to be continued ---

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