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KB's list

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 1 month ago

Things I need to do....


  1. Go on a Cruise with my family
  2. learn to knit
  3. hike through the Grand Canyon
  4. Travel to France and Italy
  5. Wine tasting in Napa Valley
  6. See Chelsea off to College
  7. Take dance lessons again...took a Zumba dance/aerobic class at the YMCA...I am counting that as my dance class 
  8. Get on a Design team with a Scrapbooking Manufacturer
  9. be published again in a scrapbook magazine
  10. Ski in Colorado
  11. Vacation in Martha's vineyard and Cape Cod
  12. Own a RV
  13. Win MMM at Memory Makers Magazine
  14. Travel to Holland
  15. organize a Family Reunion
  16. catch up the laundry and keep it that way
  17. lose 20 pounds and  keep it off
  18. Exercise (at least twice a week)
  19. Go horse back riding on a beach
  20. learn to sail or at least go sailing
  21. Visit the Redwoods in California
  22. Start a budget and stick to it
  23. pay off all my credit cards
  24. create a family receipe book with receipes collected from family members
  25. Get a Mamogram
  26. take my bone density test
  27. Drive across country
  28. Visit Washington State and Oregon
  29. Move to Arizona
  30. Scrapbook my photos from my childhood
  31. Rent a beach house for two weeks in another state and have a relaxing vacation with my family
  32. Take another Hot air balloon ride
  33. See Tori off to college
  34. take a trip to Yellowstone
  35. Participate in a walk-a-thon for Charity
  36. Buy my new Camera
  37. Take a photography class
  38. Learn how to use photoshop
  39. Have a swimming pool in my backyard
  40. Take Tori to New York City
  41. Pick Strawberries
  42. Visit a Dude Ranch
  43. Take a Vacation by myself
  44. Go to a Superbowl
  45. Take a Yoga class
  46. take a trip to Boston and see a baseball game while I am there
  47. Become a Photographer
  48. Only drink three diet cokes a day (for the rest of my life)
  49. visit Mount Dora for the big Antique show
  50. See a World Series Game
  51. Swim with dolphins
  52. Get a Hammock
  53. Weekend at a spa
  54. Ice Skate in Rockereller plaza
  55. Take a long Bike Ride through Central Park
  56. See Weston off to College
  57. See the stage show  "So you think you can dance"
  58. take a trip to Alaska
  59. Vacation to England
  60. attend a Silver Bella event
  61. Attend CPR {creative photography retreat} in California
  62. Take the kids to Washington DC and Virginia for a history lesson...
  63. Have a weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it
  64. Have a fire ring/pit in the backyard...to gather around with family and friends
  65. Be in the Audience of the Regis and Kelly Show
  66. have "Family Sunday's" and spend most Sundays together as a family doing something fun...off to a good start will keep it up
  67. Go parasailing
  68. own a convertible
  69. Take a tennis lesson
  70. See the Musical Mary Poppins
  71. buy new bedroom furniture
  72. spend at least one afternoon feeding the homeless at a shelter
  73. ride a zip line
  74. read a good book....and finish it


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