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Kelley Baber's List

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Kelley Baber's Life List


  1. Travel to Paris
  2. Travel to Italy
  3. Get my body toned so I can feel comfortable in my own skin again
  4. Learn to snow ski
  5. Live in a quaint house on an East Coast beach
  6. Get a scrapbook layout published in a scrapbook magazine
  7. Get a massage once a month
  8. Have all of 2003 scrapbooked
  9. Have all of 2004 scrapbooked
  10. Have all of 2005 scrapbooked
  11. Have all of 2006 scrapbooked
  12. Have all of 2007 scrapbooked
  13. Have all of 2008 scrapbooked
  14. Make a list of 10 classic books and read them
  15. See Kenny Chesney in concert
  16. Own a Mini Cooper
  17. Live without allergies
  18. Lay in a hammock in my own backyard
  19. Travel to Ireland, the land of my ancestors
  20. Visit my college town (Kirksville, MO) with Chris
  21. Visit my Grandpa McCarthy's grave at Jefferson Barracks
  22. Visit my father's grave
  23. Visit my step-father's grave
  24. Take a photography class to learn to shoot manually
  25. Become a manager/art director
  26. Get to a point where I can work from home growing my OWN business
  27. Gain a full understanding of all things dealing with investing
  28. Knit a pair of socks
  29. Learn to dance the two-step and do it well
  30. Grow my own Gerber daisies


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