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Kimmy's 100 things to do before i die

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Things I need to do before I die


1~ See the Aurora Borealis

2~ Drive across the United States of America with my family.

3~ Wear a beautiful fancy,schmancy gown.

4~ Live in a solar powered underground house

5~ Build a strawbale studio

6~ Decide what I want to do with my life now and when the wee'uns are gone...

7~ Go to graduate school

8~ Go to Iceland with my dearest friend, Corey.

9~ Experience Stonehenge

10~ Write a book

11~ Take a romantic vacation with my husband

12~ Be naked in public and not care

13~ Figure out how to live with groundhogs AND still have a garden.

14~ Build a deck

15~ Renovate our kitchen

16~ Forgive my mother

17~See Niagara Falls with Chris, Anwen & Cruxien

18~ Travel to Boston to visit Corey

19~ Learn more about home renovation and like it

20~ Try to become more wondrous and wonder-filled, like my children.

21~ Start a savings account and 401K

22~ Write my will

23~ Inspire people

24~ Become a more forgiving person

25~Own a family business





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