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KKennedy's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

Things I need to do

  1. Leave work before 4 pm (regularly)
  2. Compliment people more
  3. Talk to my husband more and not about the kids
  4. Read the newspaper
  5. Watch the news
  6. Learn to cook things with more than 5 ingredients
  7. Plant a vegetable garden
  8. Finish painting Hannah's room
  9. Finish decorating Grainger's room
  10. Clean out Grainger's closet so it is his and not storage for me
  11. Take a trip with just my husband when it is not football season
  12. Go to NYC with just girls
  13. Go to Las Vegas with couples
  14. Get an iPod
  15. and then learn all the songs my friends sing (so I don't have to say "watermelon")



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