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Lisa B's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 4 months ago

1. Be debt-free

2. Skydive

3. Bungee jump

4. Ride in a small airplane with a friend piloting it

5. Go back to Ireland and live for an extended period of time

6. Visit Australia and New Zealand

7. Take a family vacation to Alaska

8. Drive across Canada

9. Visit the Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver Island

10. Get my nose pierced

11. Get another tattoo

12. And possible another one

13. Maybe one more

14. Lose enough weight to make me look acceptably hot for a 40+ woman

15. Learn to speak Japanese

16. Visit Japan with Kevin

17. Get Christopher and Emma successfully through high school

18. Resist getting any more pets

19. Visit the British Isles

20. Take a summer course at Oxford

21. Knit hats/mittens/scarves for homeless people

22. Go on a mission trip to someplace tropical

23. Go on a mission trip to someplace northerly

24. Write a memoir

25. Learn to live with less

26. Canoe down the Mississippi

27. Go rappelling

28. See a moose in the wild

29. Live off the land for a week

30. Play a role in a TV show or movie

31. Write a screenplay and send it out

32. Learn some form of martial arts

33. Create a publishable knitting pattern

34. Use up most of my yarn stash

35. See my kids grown up and successfully out on their own

36. Find something in common to enjoy with Kevin

37. Move to a house secluded in the woods

38. Take a Japanese painting class

39. Totally clean up/out the basement

40. Create an emergency plan – contacts, finances, supplies

41. Read my Bible regularly

42. Let go of old dreams to make way for the new

43. Learn how to use my camera more effectively

44. Start scrapbooking again

45. Be more patient and supportive with my kids

46. Travel long distance by train

47. Visit the Mediterranean

48. Meet a foreign diplomat

49. Become more politically saavy

50. Buy a good telescope

51. Go water-skiing and see if I can still get up on the skis

52. Go sledding and build a snowman with my kids at night

53. Actively maintain important friendships

54. Plan meals ahead

55. Grocery shop once a week

56. Clip coupons again

57. Open an etsy.com shop

58. Learn (again) how to make jewelry

59. Learn to make hand-bound books

60. Create a knitting calendar

61. Exercise at least three times a week

62. Visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras

63. Go back to Utah and visit more national park sites

64. Visit Yellowstone

65. Go to the Four Corners and physically be in as many of all four states as possible at one time

66. Learn to go to bed by midnight on a regular basis

67. Go skinny-dipping

68. Become proficient at spinning with a drop spindle

69. Buy and learn to use a spinning wheel

70. Own sheep

71. Learn how to recycle wool from old sweaters

72. Take a trip somewhere with Myrna, Amy and Peggar

73. Take a trip somewhere with Peggy

74. Learn how to really dance, preferably with Kevin

75. Eat more fruits and vegetables daily

76. Own and enjoy a hammock

77. Visit someplace exotic, like Macchu Picchu

78. Learn the names and locations of 100 constellations, planets, etc.

79. Grow a successful herb garden and move it indoors for cold months

80. Kayak in the ocean

81. Go out on a working fishing boat for a day

82. Read a book/learn about famous artists

83. Learn about famous composers

84. Read one classic novel/play every year

85. Set money aside in savings regularly

86. Set aside Christmas money out of every paycheck

87. Fly in first class just once

88. Visit Boston/Concord with my family

89. Bake regularly

90. Nurture Emma more in the domestic arts

91. Find ways to connect more with Christopher

92. Refresh my French

93. Knit myself a new sweater every spring and fall

94. Work to significantly lower health risk factors that are within my control

95. Seek ways to live more environmentally friendly

96. Stop being so critical of others, even if it is just in my own mind

97. Ride a horse again

98. Display more of my photos around the house

99. Learn to use my time more wisely

100. Travel in outer space

101. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square

102. Go to Punxsutawney for Ground Hog Day

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