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Things I need to do


  1. Clean out and redo/organize my closet!
  2. Redo the guest room and move my daughter in there
  3. Go to Scotland with my husband.
  4. Watch my husband play golf on "The Old Course"
  5. Go to Napa Valley with my husband 
  6. Finish my first Disneyworld scrapbook
  7. Play the piano more
  8. Excersize consistently!
  9. Read and understand/study the bible
  10. Go on a cruise
  11. Finish stripping wallpaper and paint my son's bathroom (do you see a pattern here?!)
  12. Organize all my pictures or at least get them all in one location  
  13. Do a better job of remembering birthdays.
  14. Take ballroom dancing lessons w/my husband (or any other type of dancing lessons)


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