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Little Bug's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

Things I want to do:


  1.  Figure out a way to spend more time each week with the ones I love

  2.  Stop borrowing trouble

  3.  Be a better sister to my younger Sister

  4.  Take my Mother on a trip to Spain for her retirement

  5.  Stand at the base of the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

  6.  Finish converting all my old picture albums to scrapbooks

  7.  Find a new church home

  8.  Eat more fresh fruits and vegatables everyday

  9.  Give more to charity

10.  Drink a bellini in Harry's Bar in Venice

11.  Learn to say NO to requests that take too much time away from my family and my business

12.  Visit my Grandmother more often

13.  Call my Brother every week(so far so good, we've talked on the phone or visited in person every week)

14.  Save enough to buy a lake house then spend EVERY weekend relaxing at the lake with Big Bug

15.  Add a 3rd Pilates class to my schedule each week

16.  Get strong enough to do a handstand

17.  Set a regularly scheduled monthly massage appointment

18.  See the pyramids in Egypt in person

19.  Spend more time with my Mother

20.  Visit my Aunt while she is still living in Germany

21.  Take ballroom dancing classes with my husband...again

22.  Go dancing, often

23.  Become a Limited Partner in the company I work for

24.  Trace my Grandfather's family history and solve the mystery of where his father came from

25.  Grow my hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love

26.  Go to Plains, GA to hear former President Jimmy Carter teach Sunday school  

27.  Visit the Alamo

28.  Volunteer for another workday on a Habitat for Humanity house

29.  Go see the Colosseum (My plane leaves March 2nd! It keeps getting better, Effie & Doug are going to MEET us 

       in Rome for a 3 day reunion of The Supper Club!!!)

30.  Write in my journal everyday (instead of catching up about every 3rd day)

31.  Convince my husband to work less than 60 hours each week

32.  Talk less, listen more

33.  Tell God what I'm thankful for everyday (I've been keeping a journal for over a year now and writing down what

       I'm thankful for everyday)

34.  Explore Paris with Trish

35.  Read more books for pleasure

36.  See the Cliffs of Dover (the former geography teacher in me has to see the world)

37.  Explore the beaches of the Big Island of Hawaii

38.  Make sure people know that I appreciate them

39.  Take another trip, anywhere, with Esther and Tim (went to Hendersonville, NC over Thanksgiving with them)

40.  Visit the Vatican and have an audience with the Pope (booked my tickets this week!!!!!) - Enjoyed the experience

       very much

41.  Budget to live off of one income

42.  Clean out my closet and find a consignment shop for my good suits (give casual clothes to my good friend Tina)

43.  Drop off the board of at least one organization to free up more time for personal and business pursuits

44.  Sell our rental property and invest the proceeds wisely

45.  Simplify

46.  Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

47.  Cultivate deeper friendships

48.  Tour the Northeastern United States in Autumn

49.  Remember that people and relationships, not things and trips and goals are ultimately all that matter.














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