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Littlepurplecow's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago

Littlepurplecow's List


1. tour Italy s-l-o-w-l----y

2. host a dinner party with eight people I don’t know as well as I’d like

3. adopt a fat and fluffy outdoor cat – one that doesn’t mind my dogs

4. carve my body into a state of fabulous

5. make hot cocoa-cocoa for my kids without fear of burning their tongues

6. rid myself of non-matching coffee mugs

7. interview and publish podcasts of my favorite artists (started)

8. ski black diamond slopes (gracefully)

9. grow sunflowers

10. read the Bible from beginning to end

11. finish writing Lisa’s story

12. stop picking the skin around my fingernails

13. attend a figure drawing class

14. give more stuff away

15. paint my daughter’s ceiling pink

16. invest in a super duper digital camera and take it everywhere

17. watch Steve Penley paint

18. learn to make authentic Italian meatballs

19. de-box and display my grandmother’s tea cup collection

20. find a few good poets to follow

21. buy more ART books and encourage my children to explore

22. walk all the way down the avenue I grew up on and visit my elementary school

23. thank God for something beautiful every single day

24. hug my brother after his football team wins the state championship

25. discover my favorite bottle of wine in the vineyards of Sonoma

26. install a gigantic Bernd Haussman or a Gary Komarin on a blank wall in my home (update: Gary found this post and sent me an email)

27. paint the wall to accentuate it

28. find and follow a few vloggers interested in making the world a better place

29. eliminate the tangled mound of wires beneath my desk

30. jump start Amelia on a blog

31. savor a safari in South Africa with my extended family

32. fill up my iPod Mini so I have an excuse to get a video big boy (the iPhone entered my life, thanks to James)

33. see my mother again

34. wear Prada sunglasses (I'm fine with faux.)

35. make a blue bottle tree and plant it in view from my kitchen window

36. get a great tan every single summer (update: summer of 07 accomplished)

37. stop feeling guilty about wanting to buy expensive shoes (update: do belts count?)

38. beg Melanie to illustrate a cute little graphic header for this visually challenged blog

39. photograph a series of bull portraits (update: started)

40. make a short digital film on the exploration of contrasts

41. make a short digital film on black and white barbershops

42. and then blog about it

43. meet the bloggers in my neighborhood list (update: making good progress - 15 out of 19)

44. ditch my scraps and learn to scribble in a sketchbook

45. put Photoshop on my MacBook and get lost in it for a while

46. dispel racism when it comes in my path

47. do something to help terminally ill children and their families

48. learn to ride a horse

49. spend an entire day roaming MOMA

50. stop taking great health for granted

51. dig deeper into the history behind my Armenian heritage

52. feel confident in my artistic ability (update: making progress, loving my flickr site)

53. bait a hook and catch my own fish, then let it go

54. visit a monestary and talk to monks

55. visit a convent and talk to nuns

56. compare and contrast

57. organize and archive my digital photos so that someone other than me can find things

58. spend more time on the back porch

59. learn to not follow a recipe

60. place more trust in God

61. read the classics I should have read in high school

62. teach my kids how to play poker

63. have a long conversation with Uncle Rudie about World War II

64. find my Dad’s mom (update: started and frustrated)

65. plant Magnolia trees

66. visit Nicolas and Madeline’s organic farm and leave with hands full

67. kick our new business into high gear without sacrificing time with our families

68. have a long dinner at One Market with Janine

69. see the Nutcracker

70. watch my father-in-law birth a calf (update: multiple tries, last try - two minutes late)

71. organize a field trip to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

72. document my family tree

73. be one of Toy’s six-figure video views on You Tube

74. explore the structure of poetry and find a good fit

75. give strength to someone feeling weak

76. walk through the streets of Israel with Tamar

77. remember to charge my cell phone (it's become a nightly habit)

78. enjoy the h*ll out of my twenty-year high school reunion (update: post-poned to next year - what?!)

79. demystify my stuck-in-the-elevator dream

80. explore Howard Finster’s art more carefully

81. get more sleep

82. stop avoiding funerals

83. sit with Aunt Dora on her front porch swing

84. call Jill

85. make Gene feel incredibly special on her 75th birthday (southern supper on the back porch)

86. refresh mi Espanol

87. stay true to myself

88. ride the Tube in London with Annie Mole

89. craft and place clever phrases on hip, fitted t-shirts

90. drink more water

91. see Rock City  (well worth it)

92. enjoy more leisurely lunches with cool people I know (update: making progress, though once each week would be ideal)

93. experience a rodeo

94. cut two sugars down to one

95. create a wiki all by myself and then figure out what to do with it (you're looking at it)

96. grow old and stay strong with the Farmer

97. nurture self confidence and humility in my children

98. learn to sew a button

99. say more I love you’s (though I don't intend to stop)

100. finish this post and get started on this list

101. publish a book

102. evolve my blog to consist of more photography

103. do at least three activities from Keri's Guerilla Art Kit

104. camp at least once each year (update: 2006, 2007)

105. submit photography to at least two galleries in Atlanta by January 31, 2008

106. stop saying "um" in podcast interviews

107. wear my own Superhero necklace made by Andrea

108. create and submit one more powerful digital movie for  Pangea Day by February 15, 2008

109. afix photographs of family and friends on the long wall to my office and scribble handwritten notes and stories on the wall to guide the viewer

110. visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

111. go on a writer's retreat--one of those ones where you go out to the cabin in the middle of nowhere and write for a week with (inspired by Jen Lemen)

112. help my kids start their own Jen Lemen-inspired "Wouldn't-It-Be-Awesome" lists

113. paint a portrait of my children (update: sharpie doodle completed)

114. score a solo exhibit by 2009

115. visit ground zero

116. aggregate all of my contacts' phone numbers, email and snail mail addresses into a single digital address book

117. conduct a podcast interview with Dave Eggers

118. conduct a podcast interview with Anne Lamott

119. visit Istanbul



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