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Loosgroov's Big List

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Loosgroov's List


Some of you may notice I copied you. :)  It's just because you inspired me.


Also, I read a lot of other people's lists for inspiration and just to see what they are up to.  I have on several occasions wanted to leave a comment and couldn't.  So if anyone would like to comment to me: kelly at kellygenet dot com. thanks :)


  1. travel around Europe
  2. go on a photo safari in Africa
  3. have a place I can call my "studio"
  4. make my own knitting pattern
  5. make a picnic lunch and go on a picnic
  6. get a 4 year degree
  7. get a master's degree
  8. apply to Mensa
  9. grow my own herbs
  10. get a German Shepherd
  11. get an African Gray parrot
  12. love myself the way I am
  13. get a Mini Cooper
  14. learn how to play Freebird on the guitar
  15. sing in a band
  16. build an outdoor pavilion in my garden
  17. reupholster a piece of furniture
  18. write a novel
  19. have a dinner party
  20. knit a sweater
  21. paint a mural
  22. get a cool bike and ride it around
  23. make a new good friend
  24. live in Las Vegas
  25. sell a house
  26. see a wild mountain lion
  27. see a wild horse
  28. make a scrapbook
  29. grow my own vegetables
  30. finish wedding afghan for mike
  31. finish wedding afghan for becky
  32. go to a "social function" and not feel nervous
  33. make handmade christmas cards
  34. eliminate my unsecured debt
  35. take culinary classes
  36. spend a day at a spa
  37. see Alaska
  38. see a rainforest
  39. see a Buddhist temple (one here would work)
  40. make sushi
  41. write my own recipe for something and have someone ask me for it
  42. have everything in my entire home organized.  even if it's just for a minute.
  43. read the Bible like a novel
  44. read other religious works
  45. dress up without it bothering me
  46. sell something I make
  47. get paid to write something
  48. make someone cry in a good way
  49. pay a toll for someone
  50. pay for someone's coffee at the drive-through
  51. knit jason a scarf
  52. go to a party and not drink
  53. be overly honest with someone
  54. print some pictures to go in those disney frames for mom and dad
  55. cook a turkey
  56. make a wine sauce
  57. bake a pie
  58. have a campfire on the beach
  59. give someone wine as a hostess gift
  60. learn to play Imagine on the piano
  61. run for something in some election
  62. make a great blog and get comments from 3 people who are not my relatives
  63. go on a 3 mile hike and take pictures
  64. drive in some sort of race
  65. write a song
  66. take a ballroom dancing class
  67. get a Japanese Chin dog
  68. get those glasses that automatically turn into sunglasses
  69. get an automatic cleaning cat litter pan
  70. have a koi pond
  71. get a job that is creative and that I love
  72. visit Trinidad and Tobago
  73. read a book a month for a year
  74. make homemade ravioli
  75. create a morning routine and follow it
  76. create a bedtime routine and follow it
  77. organize, catolog and digitize my music
  78. get an ipod
  79. make homemade candles
  80. make becky's fish comic with her
  81. make fimo beads
  82. go to Disneyland
  83. go to one of the Disney parks outside this country
  84. mosaic something
  85. show jason the grand canyon
  86. camp at yellowstone
  87. show jason san diego and the rest of california
  88. swim in the pacific
  89. see wild wolves
  90. go to NYC again and spend more than 1 day there
  91. sew my own clothes. (1 item works)
  92. swim with dolphins
  93. go to Australia
  94. have a "handmade Christmas"
  95. have a great blog and have 100 comments on one post
  96. conquer my weird obsessions and pet peeves
  97. learn a new language
  98. go to a dentist appointment and then keep up with them
  99. go to a primary doctor appointment and then keep up with them
  100. work at a library 


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