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Lori's list

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My 100+ List of things to do 

Posted by Lori 


  1. Deliver happy, healthy baby #3.
  2. Don't gain more than 25 pounds with this pregnancy.
  3. Return to my prepregancy weight before Elliott after having baby #3.
  4.   Learn how to use & become proficient with Adobe PhotoShop CS2.
  5. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  6. Create a blog for my family.
  7. Plant sunflowers.
  8. Plant tulips and daffodils.
  9. See Elton John in concert.
  10. Have one of my scrapbook layouts published.
  11. Travel to Paris.
  12. Own an elliptical trainer and use it daily.
  13. Read the bible.
  14. Join a book club.
  15. Get my marriage blessed by the Catholic Church.
  16. Play tennis with Jonathon.
  17. Swim with dolphins.
  18. Visit my grandmothers more often.
  19. Get an IPOD.  (11/2007...bday gift...thanks Troy!)
  20. Save all of my digital photos on some kind of external drive and/or CD.
  21. Find a perfect and affordable four bedroom house with an office and/or scrapbook nook.
  22. Live in a loft and a big city for at least one year (or two).
  23. See a Cirque du Soleil performance. 
  24. Learn how to make truffles. (12/2007)
  25. Get a passport.
  26. Have stamps on my passport.
  27. Take piano lessons
  28. Learn how to play the bongos
  29. Bake beautiful pies like my mother.
  30. Host a murder mystery dinner party.
  31. Grow a vegetable garden.
  32. Treat myself to a spa day.
  33. See Phantom of the Opera.
  34. Bleach my teeth.
  35. Learn how to make jewelry.
  36. Overcome my fear of public speaking.
  37. Be a decisive person.
  38. Travel to Salem in October.
  39. Learn more about my parents' and grandparents' lives
  40. Learn how to emboss.
  41. Be on a hot air balloon chase team.
  42. Quit and/or retire from my boring office job and be a stay at home mom
  43. Or quit and/or retire from my boring office job and work for Downtown Development
  44. Or quit and/or retire from my boring office job and work for an event planning service
  45. Or quit and/or retire from my boring office job and pursue some creative career.
  46. Learn digital/hybrid scrapbooking
  47. Feel like a beautiful person who has something to offer to the world.
  48. Drive a convertible Mini Cooper
  49. Design some new innovative, creative scrapbook item.
  50. Read "Rebecca" for the fourth time.
  51. Pass on wonderful qualities/attributes to my children.
  52. Live in the moment. 
  53. Be grateful and prayerful.
  54. Spend the night in a lighthouse.
  55. Spend a whole day in Central Park.
  56. Travel to Yellowstone National Park.
  57. Have fabulously flat & toned abs. 
  58. Go to mass on a regular basis with my family.
  59. Try a new recipe at least once a month.
  60. Cook a homemade meal at least once a week.
  61. Take a series of graffiti photos.
  62. Post pictures on Flickr.com.
  63. Complete an "all about me" scrapbook.
  64. Take a self portrait every day for one year.
  65. Take jitterbug lessons again with my husband and practice so we don't forget how to do it.
  66. Live a long, healthy life with my husband and kids.
  67. Meet my grandchildren.
  68. Have a family game night.
  69. Write a will.
  70. Send homemade Christmas cards.
  71. Balance my checkbook MONTHLY.
  72. Stock my pantry with items to throw quick dinner together when short on time.
  73. Have/decorate a whimsical, themed Christmas tree.
  74. Grow a vegetable garden.
  75. Make fig preserves.
  76. Calmly discipline my children.
  77. Open a portrait studio.
  78. Establish a new friendship.
  79. Treat myself to a new pair of PJs once a year
  80. Create a new family tradition.
  81. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  82. Cross a finish line with my hubby (even if it means he's walking).
  83. Treat myself to sexy, yet comfortable, color coordinating underthings.
  84. Keep tract of gift ideas throughout the year so Christmas shopping isn't so overwhelming.







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