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Lorraines list

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Things I want to do before I die


  • Learn to ride horseback
  • Own a horse
  • Take my daughter Estelle to see Mamma Mia the broadway musical
  • Sign Estelle up for either gymnastics or artistic fencing or figure skating
  • Sign son Nathan up in the Conservatoire National de musique for the instrument of his choice
  • Take all 3 kids to see Spamalot
  • Learn to sing jazz solo and sing in a concert with a jazz band
  • Take my kids to Greece
  • Learn to scuba dive in the Bahamas
  • Go on a sailing cruise with Tom and Susan
  • Learn equine massage techniques
  • Learn equine bio energy analysis techniques
  • Learn equine-assisted therapy techniques
  • Bring value to the lives of people who are iin difficulty
  • Rebuild my relationship with Charles so that we're together again and in love
  • Create and maintain a creative blog that shares my innermost feelings and thoughts with the world at large
  • Increase my presence at home with my children
  • Sort and donate or throw away ALL the clothes that i don't wear
  • Go through the main rooms in the house and sort and discard the unneeded things
  • Check kitchen, dining room and living room vs. Feng Shui principles
  • Sign up to sing in a choir (Paris or Pernay)
  • Thank the universe every day for the quality of my life and that of my loved ones, and give back to the universe something every day in thanks
  • Refresh and learn equine veterinary medicine
  • Visit the American West on horseback
  • Learn to ride Western
  • take art classes in drawing/painting/sculpture
  • Go to the Chama train session with Dad
  • Go to the Bonneville speed week with Dad - whichever he prefers
  • Contact a spiritual psychotherapist
  • Take a good look at the garden and design and plant things in it
  • Green the porch with pots and plants
  • Pots and plants in my bedroom too
  • Savor the magic of the present moment every moment that i can
  • Savor a moment with each of my children every single day
  • Tell my parents that they did a great job raising me and that I love them
  • Take Nathan to Japan
  • Create my horse-assisted psychotherapy project with the Haras de Bel Air site in Pernay - contact the local Mairie to get owner's tel no.
  • Contact haras du plessis and equine shiatsu school in 37 region (Loire Valley, France)


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