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Madelaine's List

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  1. Clean the spaces I need to live in
  2. Get someting I wrote published
  3. Get my BFA
  4. Get my Masters
  5. Get my PhD
  6. Travel to Ireland
  7. Travel to India
  8. Travel to Italy
  9. Travel to Amsterdam
  10. Travel to Paris
  11. Live in another country
  12. Learn to salsa, swing and belly dance with awesome skill
  13. Live one true moment every day
  14. Find a place of friendship with my body
  15. Buy a home
  16. Have a child
  17. Become an art star
  18. Write and publish a book
  19. Wear only clothes that speak about me and that I love
  20. Change the way someone sees the world for the better
  21. Feel whole
  22. Eat well every day
  23. Learn to live without cruelty
  24. Embrace every part of who I am
  25. Climb a mountain
  26. Find enough money to not have to worry
  27. Live alone
  28. Live with someone I love

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