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Nancy's life list

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago


  1. Visit New York City
  2. Visit Barcelona
  3. Visit Chicago with Marielle, do a river tour and eat steak at Gibson's
  4. Visit Suriname
  5. Travel crosscountry through Canada or the US
  6. Take singing lessons
  7. Write and illustrate a childrens book
  8. Get a scrapbook page published in a US magazine
  9. Vacation in Tuscany, Italy in a villa with a view and a pool
  10. Decorate my own t-shirts
  11. Lose 10 kilos
  12. Lose 10 more kilos
  13. Lose even 10 more kilos
  14. Attend a mixed media collage class
  15. Attend CKU or one of the craft tradeshows
  16. Make art on a weekly basis
  17. Get better lensen for my Nikon (a 50mm and a telelens)
  18. Plant a herb garden
  19. Plant a vegetable garden
  20. Walk in Manolo Blahnik shoes
  21. Keep a (almost) daily journal
  22. Have a house with a porch
  23. Cook a 5-course meal that could be offered at a fine restaurant
  24. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
  25. Visit Japan and Taiwan and see what Maurice has seen
  26. Get caught up on Oprah's booklist and write my own book reviews
  27. Do a scrapbook about my heritage
  28. Start my own business
  29. Build a website
  30. Learn German
  31. Study English language and literature again (and finish it)
  32. Take a picture of Maurice on Maui
  33. Travel all continents
  34. Attend an Oprah Show
  35. Take a photography course
  36. Visit a Disney park
  37. Go on a cruise
  38. Travel through South America
  39. Make a quilt
  40. Take yoga classes
  41. Own more than 2 good-fitting bras
  42. Get another degree
  43. Take a dance class
  44. Get colored hair extensions
  45. Clean out my storage room
  46. Learn to play an instrument
  47. Drink red wine and like it
  48. Own a new car
  49. Learn how to golf
  50. Have a good photo of Maurice and me
  51. Watch a sunrise above the sea
  52. Have an exposition of my work
  53. Wear a diamond
  54. Build a house
  55. See a wild boar - in the wild
  56. Go away on my own for at least a week
  57. Have a scrapbook/art studio
  58. Get my jewelry sold in a shop
  59. Do voluntary work
  60. Own a dog and take it for long walks
  61. Visit Londen with Maurice again
  62. Get paid for a good photoshoot
  63. Get started on this list

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