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rachellake's 100 Things To Do

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago
  1. Graduate from Meredith with honors. 
  2. Go to Africa on a service trip.
  3. Move to Hydra for a month to write my book.
  4. Find someone to hold hands with.
  5. Compile a cookbook of my own & favorite recipes.
  6. Write a travel guide to Greece.
  7. Learn to knit more than rectangles.
  8. Improve my German.
  9. Take one good photograph a week.
  10. Start my days with a cup of tea and the New York Times.
  11. Do yoga regularly.
  12. Rebuild my faith.
  13. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.
  14. Reduce the amount of time I waste on facebook and myspace.
  15. Comment on 5 photos a week on flickr.
  16. Read the collected works of Jane Austen.
  17. Learn to make soap.
  18. Pare down my wardrobe.
  19. Buy a pair of Delman ballet flats.
  20. Fix up an old house. 
  21. Learn to play the cello.
  22. Do a Greek language immersion program and become fluent.
  23. Live in Charleston, SC for awhile.
  24. Get something published in the New York Times.
  25. Sell some of my photography.
  26. Go to New England to see the leaves change.
  27. Swim in the rock formations on Milos.
  28. Explore Morocco...
  29. Learn to throw well enough to make my own dishes on the wheel.
  30. See as many Rothko, Vermeer, and Klimt's in person as possible.
  31. Learn to drive, get a license, and get a car.
  32. Fall in love.
  33. Get married.
  34. Have kids.
  35. Move back to Athens for awhile.
  36. Figure out how to get along with my little sister.
  37. Go back to Paris and see it the way I've always dreamed about.
  38. same with Italy.
  39. Show Greece to someone I love.
  40. Spend time studying the Secessionist movement in Vienna
  41. Read Proust (and understand it).
  42. Make a quilt.
  43. Get a tattoo. (I've got a little Kurt Halsey heart on the left side of each ankle)


  44. Keep up with a regular daily Bible reading.
  45. Take a walk at least 3 times a week.
  46. Finish a scrapbook.
  47. See a performance of Turandot.
  48. Get a master's degree.
  49. Improve my posture.
  50. Research and visit the land(s) of my ancestors.
  51. Do the coming week's homework ahead of time twice in a row.



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