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Life List: 100 things I must do during this lifetime …



1. Tour Italy s-l-o-w-l-y

2. Go on an Alaskan cruise

3. Drive through Nebraska? along the Grand Canyon, a-la Thelma & Louise

4. Spend an hour playing carefree with my kids every day.

5. Write a book or novel and get it published.

6. Complete a few more piano exams

7. Exercise with a walk most days

8. Read the Bible from beginning to end.

9. Get Riley baptised

10. Carve my body into a state of fabulous

11. Thank God for something beautiful every single night.

12. Convert all my old home movies to digital / DVD

13. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements

14. Start my own blog

15. Get Anthony into bushwalking (and maybe even abseiling)

16. Become a competitive skuller (rowing those skinny boats on a lake at foggy sunrise)

17. Start organizing and taking family holidays at least once a year.

18. craft and place clever phrases on hip, fitted t-shirts

19. Be kinder and more energetic and free with my children

20. Start documenting my dreams – even the weird ones, so I have proof that they sometimes come true.

21. Go to my 20-year school reunion (in 2013)

22. Write Claudia a handwritten letter

23. Be kinder to my husband

24. Get my affairs in order

25. Create a “memories minibook” in case I get alzheimer’s and can’t remember what a lucky life I’ve lead.

26. Take the boys to visit Mum & Dad more often

27. Finish jobs that I start

28. Write down my yearly goals every year.

29. Keep a journal again

30. Fix broken things immediately or else throw them out. Don’t hoard!

31. Be an active mum, play football with my boys

32. Don’t let mother-in-law upset me.

33. Get Anthony into taking photos too, so I “exist” in our albums!

34. Treasure my marriage

35. Compete in a triathlon

36. Start cooking with fresh herbs grown in my garden

37. Finish landscaping our block, bit by bit.

38. Stop feeling guilty about EVERYTHING!

39. Start eating properly instead of ignoring hunger because I’m too lazy

40. Organise a bookshelf

41. Surprise my husband with a treat every once in a while to let him know I love him

42. Swim with dolphins at some pacific ocean oasis

43. Get published in a scrapbooking magazine

44. Reflect on life in a porch swinging seat, a-la Sleeping with the Enemy

45. Learn Yoga or Pilates

46. Take care of potted plants

47. Use as much of the day as I can – be productive

48. Stop nagging, start doing.

49. Become more independent

50. Create a 2-week cooking planner, complete with recipes, and USE it!

51. Be more fussy about my appearance. I’ve let myself go.

52. Ride a horse along a beach, at sunset

53. Improve my posture.

54. Let Anthony finish his sentences

55. Wake up and go to sleep in a space of gratitude every day.

56. Surprise Anthony one day by playing a full tune on the guitar (aka – learning to play)

57. Organise Anthony to go to guitar lessons

58. Hike somewhere amazing that takes my breath away, a place whose beauty makes me cry.

59. Make a piece of furniture

60. Swim naked at an exotic resort

61. Learn a language – Italian?

62. Own a beat up, used pickup truck and have a lifestyle that makes sense for the truck – a- la Hope Floats style

63. Spend less time at the computer during daylight hours

64. Go for a week without television

65. Start eating more fruit

66. Be open to new friendships

67. Dance like a teenager at least once a year. The freedom rocks!

68. Always support and encourage my children’s dreams and aspirations

69. Help my children to succeed independently

70. Own my own business

71. Be ruthless with storage solutions. Keep it organised and uncluttered.

72. See Rosewood (the farm where I grew up) again.

73. Learn to play piano for pleasure again

74. Build up an impressive repertoire of new piano tunes

75. Put some better CD’s in the car ready for my next outing

76. Give my children a lesson (either reading, puzzles, writing, drawing, counting) each day until they start school

77. Redecorate the house to my tastes, complete with prints and edgy fake flowers

78. Create a big family

79. Make the dinner table the hub of conversation during night-time meals

80. Make plans for the weekend, during the week

81. Stick to one diary organiser and use it religiously

82. Make a birthday book so I don’t forget anyone’s birthday

83. Be available for my children to talk to me when they need me, not “later”.

84. Never be too busy to answer a child

85. Go fishing again

86. Go wakeboarding again

87. Laugh with my family

88. Nurture my children’s relationships with cousins

89. Come up with a weekly schedule and stick to it (laundry, piano practise, preschool lessons, book writing, blogging. journalling, scrapbooking, cooking, grooming, cleaning, outings)

90. Take the kids to a library storytime

91. Work out an emergency evacuation plan – fire plan

92. Work out how to use the mpeg (music machine thingy)

93. Trust my anal instincts and store everything in its proper place

94. Organise a bluetooth mobile phone before this pregnancy progresses too far

95. Spend more time outdoors, even when the weather’s lousy. Learn to live!

96. Wear a pair of high heels somewhere public

97. Grow so many peas I can graze on them until I get my fill, for weeks

98. Do up a maintenance schedule (pool cleaning, watering different sections of the garden, checking pipes, spraying fruit trees, pruning roses, cleaning out chookhouse, weeding)

99. Sometimes get excited about it before it’s safe to do so.

100. Visit each sister & parents at least once a year.

101. Go sailing , again

102. Scrap /re-learn some of my Dad’s farming skills – it’s from a bygone era.

103. -See a Bruce Springsteen concert-

104. Visit the Coffs Harbour beach where we became engaged

105. Complete a “cd” scrapbook of songs that bring back memories

106. Re-read my Modern History notes so that I understand what all these wars are about again.

107. Sort out our Will



109. -Ride a camel-

110. -Learn how to surf (if only briefly)- -

111. Learn to swim in the waves again without fear

112. Be more attentive to my dog

113. --Get a motorbike licence-

114. -Own my own motorbike- -

115. Be inspirational to others

116. Do things for us, not just for show

117. Revise an old biology textbook – amazing how much body knowledge needed as a parent!

118. Stop visualising my own death and panicking about it

119. Wear skirts and dresses more often

120. Move to a warmer climate

121. Feel young and carefree again

122. Believe the world is my oyster to do with as I choose. I’m never too old to start anew (only 32!)

123. Get a boob job

124. Get my teeth fixed properly

125. Make quaint home-made gifts for Christmas presents to acquaintances

126. Go to church again

127. Teach my children about God

128. Edit a magazine

129. Plan surprise date nights with my husband

130. Keep the house tidy enough to welcome impromptu visitors without cringing

131. go organic

132. Wean my children off packaged convenience food

133. Make lists without losing them

134. -Edit a newspaper-

135. Have a beach holiday shack

136. Drink more water

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