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SandraJ's Live My Life List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 6 months ago


1.  Learn to play one song on the guitar.

2.  Accept all of me. 

3.  Make a family photo quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  Vacation in Europe

5.  Volunteer at the senior center with Erin.

6.  Spend a week with my twin sister and only my twin sister, sorry kids.

7.  Take my husband to a Nascar race.

8.  Take Erin to a Jona's Brothers concert and act like a kid along with her.

9.  Take my mom on a tropical vacation.

10.  Visit each of the 50 states, even those I've already visited.

11.  Stay one night in a Yurt in Yosemite

12.  Visit NYC

13.  Learn how to sew.

14.  Visit Hawaii

15.  Go snowboarding this winter!

16.  Take my husband to the movies

17.  Eat at a really fancy resteraunt without feeling guilty.

18.  Build a home.

19.  Move to PA.

20.  Create a family scrapbook with grandma's help.

21.  Find some physical way to memorialize those I've lost.

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