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Soyoungs Life List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 3 months ago

To Do:


I gave my heart to Christ moreso in 2008 than I ever have before.

Continued Justification and Sanctification 

Find the right companion for life

Send my parents on vacation

Yoon sisters and brothers joint effort to pay off of Pleasant Hill home mortgage

Girlfriend get together trips on a regular basis

Find the "impossible" cure to shrink pores

Learn how to keep a house squeaky clean


Places To Visit:


North Korea by any way I can (since 2005)

Northern Lights in spring or fall inspired by pictures from the Smithsonian website (since 4/08)

New Zealand inspired by movie Lord of the Rings (since 2003)

Hike the John Muir Trail (JMT) (since I was a kid, motivated by dad and college friends)

Montana wilderness (since talking to Heidi Sun who visited with her husband 2007)

Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, I'm moving to Georgia in 2008

Trek Patagonia in Argentina (since talking to an ICU patient's son 4/08)

Visit Yellowstone National Park (since I was a kid) and see a sunrise and sunset and "Old Faithful"

Kayak the Grand Canyon (see pic 1)

See the Waterfalls, Iguazu Falls, Brazil (see pic 2)




See Gwen Stefani in concert (since 2001)

Opera list: NYC:  Otello (2008), Tristan and Isolde (2008), La Traviatta (2007), Macbeth (2008), The Barber of Seville (2008)

Learn to Play Jazz Piano (lessons 2005 at Redlands University)

Buy or rent a digital piano in Georgia

Michael W Smith in concert (2 live concerts during college)

Train/maintain perfect pitch and playing music by ear (since I was in highschool)

Learn how to dance a spanish/latin american dance (since college)




How to speak Korean fluently (since I was in college)

Wilderness Medicine/Travel Medicine (since I was in medical school)

Dermatological Procedures (since I was in medical school)

How to build and maintain a successful practice (since 2008)


Things I have successfully done:


Gave my heart to God 

Finished Medical School 2001

JMT trail: Mt. Whitney Peak 2005 (loma linda) , Kings Canyon (church camping), North Dome 2001 (heidi sun), Half Dome (Evan Lemley),

Napa Marathon 2001

Bay to Breakers 2001, and 2 other years

Played autumn leaves jazz style on the piano (2001)

Hiked the Appalacian Trail in New York with AMC (2008)

learned how to cook Korean food: (mung-bean pancakes, seaweed soup, black cod chigge, kimchi, chim-bang, potstickers, brown rice duk gook)

Explored NYC for 2 years (2007-08)  favorite restaurant: pio pio's

Queens Botanical Garden during Spring to see the cherry blossoms (4/2008)

Backpacked/hosteled Europe: summer 2001. France, Spain, and Italy

Snowboarded down a black diamond (2007)

Do a headstand by myself (4/2008)

Get a NYC haircut (2007)


Skills that I can hone:


perfect pitch/playing by ear

Empathy and Sympathy in Medicine

Justification and Sanctification and then Works




Pictures for Inspiration:


 pic 1. Kayaking the Grand Canyon


 Colorado River

 Courtesy of outside. com


Pic 2. Iguazu Falls, Brazil



courtesy of Torsten Karock, iStockphoto

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