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Starfish's Life List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years ago

Things to do before I Croak List 


  1. Go to Paris
  2. Go to Ireland
  3. Drink a Guinness at a pub in Ireland
  4. Visit Tokyo Disney
  5. Visit Disneyland Paris
  6. Visit Disneyland, CA
  7. Get a job at a major animation/television/gaming studio.
  8. Start my own webcomic.
  9. Dye/cut my hair real "edgy"
  10. Make a plushie of one of my own characters.
  11. Illustrate a childrens book.
  12. Participate in Illustration Friday
  13. Participate in 11 Second Club
  14. 130 pounds
  15. 2 minutes of strong character animation in my showreel
  16. Do animations with Joe
  17. Visit the Boston Aquarium
  18. Go to a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway
  19. Decorate my own high top Converse sneaks
  20. Get vegetarian "doc martens"
  21. Get engaged 
  22. Sew real pearls on my wedding dress
  23. Marry my best friend
  24. Swim with dolphins
  25. Swim with manatees
  26. Go scuba diving
  27. Have a friendly conversation with my ex
  28. Sell something I've made
  29. Pay off my student loans by age 35
  30. Participate in a Fjorg! competition
  31. Get a Welsh Corgi
  32. Paint concept art work for my thesis in guache

  33. Get a tattoo
  34. Spend a spa day with my sister
  35. Do a photoreal drawing for my dad
  36. Get a huuuuuuuge aquarium
  37. Visit Venezuela with Rosa and Ignacio
  38. Learn how to make arepas with Rosa
  39. Be fluent and comfortable with Spanish
  40. Learn sign language
  41. Finish Shogun
  42. Run the Disney Half Marathon
  43. Visit New Zealand
  44. Road trip across the country
  45. Visit Emily in NYC
  46. Go see Wicked
  47. Read Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid
  48. Visit Macchu Pichu
  49. Own an alpaca
  50. Get my MFA
  51. Watch all 3 extended edition Lord of the Rings movies back to back
  52. Try surfing
  53. Learn the guitar enough to play a simple song
  54. Sing on a stage
  55. Make a scrapbook for Joe's parents of Disney World
  56. Grow roses
  57. Get good at drawing the figure from my imagination
  58. read Catch 22
  59. Feel proud of my 2 quarter film.
  60. Buy a Disney big-fig
  61. Let go of my artistic insecurity.
  62. Stop checking my boyfriend's ex's myspaces
  63. Learn how to be punctual in the mornings
  64. Get a professional waxing.
  65. Try roller derby.
  66. Buy a fancy digital SLR camera and take it everywhere.
  67. See Danny again
  68. Visit Nicole in Oregon
  69. Take a sleeper train somewhere
  70. Finish Kingdom Hearts II
  71. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  72. See the Northern Lights
  73. Drink wine in Italy
  74. Visit Barcelona
  75. Make hot spiced wine at Christmastime
  76. Build a gingerbread house
  77. Make babinz
  78. Buy a pair of designer black pumps
  79. Wear a corset out on the town, own it.
  80. Buy a 5-year diary and keep it
  81. Do something scandalous in a public place ;)
  82. see Michele again
  83. Visit the Disney Animation Studios in Burbank
  84. Learn how to make good cappucinos with those little designs on top
  85. Organize/clean out/paint the bedroom of my childhood, let go.
  86. Visit Norway
  87. Cry from happiness
  88. Take a classic pinup portrait of myself
  89. Sew a quilt
  90. Own Tim Gunn's classic 8 items
  91. Attend a vegetarian cooking class with Colleen Patrick-Gudreau
  92. Go skiing with Joe
  93. Go to a Blues Festival
  94. Milk a goat
  95. Send a gift to someone I don't even know
  96. Visit Cape Flattery in Washington
  97.  Go to an Olympic games
  98.  Own a vegetable oil running car or a hybrid vehicle with a Jiminy Cricket bumper sticker
  99.  Take a wine tour with Kara and Hillary
  100. Love myself as much as the people who love me do.


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