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Summer's List

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Summer's List...Things I Wanna Do 


italics = doing it; strikethrough = done it


  1. Travel to Trinidad to see the nesting of the Giant Leatherbacks
  2. get a poem published
  3. visit Spain. eat tapas and paella. see La Sagrada Familia.
  4. swim in the Meditteranean Sea
  5. wander through Rome. listen to rock-n-roll on my IPOD while inside St. Peter's Cathedral. see the Sistine Chapel. 
  6. stroll the streets of Pompei
  7. buy a rug in Turkey
  8. see a bear in the wild
  9. make a quilt
  10. become one of those people who sends snailmail cards on birthdays and holidays
  11. make a mosaic - a big one like a table or patio
  12. pay off credit card debt
  13. once credit card is paid off, reward myself with a cash-bought DSLR and macro lense
  14. make recipe boxes for sis and cousins, give them new recipes every year
  15. learn Spanish
  16. own a house. make it a home.
  17. build a greenhouse and grow orchids
  18. tackle my fear of pastry and make to-die for pie crust
  19. really learn guitar
  20. get a couple of my best photos printed big, framed, and hung up
  21. get a couple of my pics glicee' printed in large format
  22. frame Grandma's intaglio prints
  23. sew Christmas stockings
  24. make great grandma's yeast rolls
  25. backpack Glacier National Park
  26. hike Machu Picchu while chewing coca leaves. buy colorful handmade fabrics and share smiles with indigenous people.
  27. run my toes through black sand beaches in New Zealand
  28. make tamales
  29. have a family
  30. have an Australian Shepherd
  31. garden
  32. grow a huge pumpkin (in time for Halloween)
  33. donate money to a worthy cause every month
  34. get a new tattoo
  35. set up a college fund for my niece
  36. hula in Hawaii. go fishing and catch a mahi mahi.
  37. see fall leaves in Maine and eat lobster 
  38. paint pottery. give some away. and keep some.
  39. cherish each day
  40. write a haiku every Friday
  41. pray before ancient Buddhas in southeast Asia
  42. take mopeds to see the valley of the butterflies on the Greek Island Rhodes
  43. pick peaches and make jam
  44. learn to rock climb
  45. start a cooking club
  46. eat locally, eat seasonally
  47. learn more about my Native American heritage
  48. photograph tropical birds in South America
  49. get one of those Japanese hutches I love
  50. design and build a waterfall and koi pond
  51. buy beads in Bali
  52. raise awareness about ocean protection (whales, coral bleaching, loggerhead turtles, overfishing)
  53. through-hike the John Muir Trail, finish by peaking Mt. Whitney
  54. attend a day of track-and-field at an Olympics in a foreign country
  55. create a family tree using Grandma's geneology research. make it pretty. give framed copies to sis and the cousins.
  56. take my mom to Tuscany. rent motorcycles and visit castles.
  57. work a project with Water for People
  58. find a carved stone Guan Yin statue and find the perfect place for it in the garden
  59. plant a garden for butterflies and hummingbirds
  60. study for and pass the last part of my engineering exam
  61. see Mom and Sis at least once a month
  62. have an art studio
  63. make really good paella
  64. batik some fabric
  65. make my own soap
  66. build a mason bee house

Find me at Tao of Summer or  What's up, Buttercup?


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