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Susela's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 1 month ago

Things I want to do:



  1. Get my work published
  2. Leave my current job
  3. Start my own business
  4. Teach my daughter to bake cookies
  5. Stamp and make cards at least once a week
  6. Create a blog area for my daughter's drawings
  7. Fit back into my favorite jeans
  8. Get myself out of the rut I feel I'm in
  9. Hold a card making class
  10. Host a workshop
  11. Wake up grateful for another day
  12. Organize my office
  13. Organize my cluttered closet
  14. Write a children's book
  15. If the above goes well, write a series of children's books
  16. Use my time wisely so I have no regrets
  17. Capture all the precious moments I can with my daughter
  18. Participate in a holiday cookie swap
  19. Create my own creative product
  20. Run 100 miles in a year
  21. Sleep more consistently
  22. Spend a day to myself to mass design and produce
  23. Design my own creative space
  24. Learn to bake and decorate a cake like a professional
  25. Take a pottery class
  26. Speak up
  27. This is out of my control, but ... live to see the day my daughter gets married, live happily, and have her own children
  28. Dye my hair black
  29. If that works out, dye my hair auburn
  30. Go back to Hawaii
  31. Learn Adobe Illustrator
  32. Master Adobe Photoshop
  33. Take the next step to advance my photography
  34. Not let the past hinder or hold me in fear... esp. of losing my loved ones
  35. Cherish the moments I have with my family in the present - good or bad.  The moment will never be the same



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