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SusieQ's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

100 (or so) Things I Need To Do in This Lifetime. 

Some of these will be short term and some will be long term.  But if I don't write things down and start working towards them they won't get done at all!



  1. Get a new stove
  2. Learn to cook "vegan"
  3. Actually send out Christmas cards this year  Opps! I'll try for some Valentines!
  4. Make exercise a part of my daily routine Kinda iffy
  5. Sucessfully complete NaBloWriMo Yes! Nov '07
  6. get my wedding ring repaired and start wearing it again
  7. Paint my kitchen green!
  8. Plant laurels in the backyard
  9. Find a hairstyle that works for me..Not quite there, but I'm likin' the longer 'do
  10. Hang pictures in the hall
  11. paint small cat and mouse in hall
  12. decorate for the seasons Christmas went well...
  13. meet my nieces (and see Rick & Angie) Maybe at Mid-winter break
  14. Visit all 50 states
    Remaining states are:
    Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maine 
  15. Do a Volkswalk
  16. Clean out the garage
  17. Learn to use the Beast (the big camera) and use frequently
  18. Post more photos on my blog
  19. Teach Mimi to sew
  20. paint the porch
  21. create a new wardrobe
  22. throw a party for no particular reason!
  23. Fnd my passion
  24. journal regularly
  25. work on my scrapbooks (at least monthly!)
  26. Create a Sweet 16 book for kt
  27. get my Jeep
  28. Take a yoga class
  29. visit Ireland
  30. learn to knit
  31. Write letters and send cards
  32. learn to use Elements
  33. Bake a loaf of bread
  34. Get a bike rack and start biking the trails!
  35. Document Mom's history
  36. and Dad's too!
  37. Wash my face every night  I'm getting better, but there's still some misses...
  38. Make sure my friends know how special they are.
  39. Sew and start to use cloth bags when shopping.
  40. Find a work table for the kitchen
  41. Go see the salmon spawning I missed '07, but I've seen them plenty of times before. 
  42. Sign up for music boosters at high school Changed my mind, KT doesn't care.
  43. Get a generator before we actually need it!  http://susansmusings.wordpress.com/2007/10/19/we-got-the-power/
  44. Brush up on my Spanish
  45. Start posting on the FrogBlog  working on it...
  46. Walk the Arboretum
  47. Take more pictures of my beautiful girls
  48. Grow Sunflowers
  49. Learn to be a much better housekeeper
  50. Believe in myself
  51. Learn to keep plants alive
  52. Make a Sunbonnet Sue quilt
  53. Attend both girls' college graduation
  54. Start releasing "stuff" to Freecycle
  55. Make some new friends
  56. Photograph KT getting her license
  57. Get my passport
  58. and one for Mimi
  59. embroidery some pillow cases  in process...(I don't know how long it will take though...)
  60. Get eyes checked
  61. get annual and mamogram
  62. plant an herb garden
  63. Figure out how to translate my grandfather's German letters
  64.  Find a job that works around the girls school schedule I seem to be a preschool teacher again! :)
  65.  Pretty myself up everyday
  66. Scan all heritage photos
  67. Scan and organize the rest of our photos
  68. Make our wedding album (before we hit the 20 year mark!)
  69. Create an inviting studio Getting closer...I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to organize
  70. Write a novel! (NaNoWriMo) I opted not to for '07.  Maybe for '08...I'm not sure how important this is to me

  71. Figure out how to become a morning person! Amazingly this seems to have happened!

  72. Host a gingerbread/cookie making party I'm counting KT's birthday party!

  73. Blog everyday



More to come...getting to 100 is tough!

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