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sweetemotion's list

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 11 months ago

Goals I've Already Met, Plus 100 I Want To Do:


In no particular order:


  1. -Solo a plane -
  2. -Graduate with an Aerospace degree
  3. -Get the heck out of L.A.
  4. Get a second Bachelor's in Communication
  5. Buy a Digital SLR
  6. Get a pilot's license
  7. Learn to SCUBA dive
  8. Fly in a float plane
  9. Live in a Spanish-speaking country
  10. Have a scrapbook page published in a magazine
  11. Publish Grampy Wallace's story
  12. Hotwire a car
  13. Publish a polymer clay book
  14. Have someone buy a photograph I took
  15. Learn to weld
  16. Start a family
  17. Go to a Greek Island
  18. Read all the Harry Potter books in Spanish
  19. Visit the Galapagos
  20. Dive to a shipwreck or ruin
  21. Own a home
  22. Live in a foreign country
  23. Love my job
  24. Have an "art studio"
  25. Travel the sites from the Civil War
  26. Go to Oshkosh
  27. See Earth from space
  28. Publish an article in a travel magazine
  29. Become a Dale Carnegie trainer
  30. Have a dog
  31. Participate in a distance-swimming contest
  32. Wear a cowboy hat
  33. Accompany myself on the guitar
  34. Go to Washington D.C.
  35. Travel to Alaska
  36. See penguins in New Zealand
  37. Study abroad
  38. Have an herb garden
  39. Learn West Coast Swing
  40. Use an ice-axe
  41. Surf a "green" wave
  42. Ice skate
  43. Eat tapas in Spain
  44. Create an electronic photo portfolio
  45. Get a concealed-carry license
  46. See elephants in Africa
  47. Hike 100 peaks over 8,000 ft elevation - Tally: I
  48. Learn to use the manual settings on my camera
  49. Teach my friends to play Pitch
  50. Write a novel
  51. Backpack Europe
  52. Swim in the Mediterranean
  53. Ride an elephant
  54. Dance tango in Argentina
  55. Have a library
  56. See the 7 Wonders of the world + the new 7 - Tally: I
  57. See a wild badger
  58. Surf in the Atlantic Ocean
  59. Make a digital scrapbook
  60. Visit all 50 states - Tally: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  61. Become trilingual
  62. See whirling dervishes in Turkey
  63. Kiss in the snow
  64. Watch the Northern Lights
  65. Be in Japan when the cherry trees are blooming
  66. Take a picture of streak lightning
  67. -Start a blog-: http://flagstaff-mouse-travels.blogspot.com/
  68. Create a family recipe book
  69. Cut a live Christmas tree
  70. Have mint growing in my yard
  71. Get LASIK
  72. Drink hot chocolate in Switzerland
  73. Go on a trip on horseback
  74. Take a photography workshop
  75. Learn archery
  76. Ride on a dog-sled
  77. Travel through the Amazon
  78. Camp in Yosemite
  79. See a glacier
  80. Hail a taxi in New York
  81. Go to Belgium to see where my family came from
  82. Be an active Senior Member in Civil Air Patrol
  83. Watch the lipizzaner stallions in Austria
  84. See a shuttle launch
  85. Fly on a blimp
  86. Learn salsa
  87. Learn to play Bridge
  88. Tour the Tuscan countryside
  89. See a show in Vegas
  90. Soak in a hot spring in Iceland
  91. Own a massage table
  92. See a live Pro sports game
  93. Write freelance articles
  94. See Lascaux Cave in France
  95. Go to a professional rodeo
  96. Learn to waterskii
  97. -Run a 5k, without stopping- Time = 30:30
  98. Look out from behind a large waterfall
  99. Snowshoeing
  100. Hike Bryce Canyon
  101. Paint a landscape with clouds in pastel
  102. Sit on a beach and watch the sun rise over the ocean
  103. Write neatly with my left hand
  104. Talk to my cousins more
  105. Make a scrapbook of our family ornaments and holiday traditions
  106. Send thank you notes to people who have influenced me
  107. Scrapbook Grammy Dorothy's photos
  108. Use my website (kellyjeanonline.com)
  109. Organize my scrapbook room
  110. Travel for work
  111. Try sculling
  112. Eat rattlesnake meat

113. Hitchhike

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