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Tamar's List of Cool Things To Do

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

1. Hang my favorite framed art.


2. Clean out (tossing much) the large downstairs closet.


3. Wash the kitchen floor for the first time in seven years.


4. Get subletter(s) for my home while I'm back in Israel (starting late September) several months.


5. Get a loving foster home for my kitty while I'm gone.


6. Figure out why all my items are to-do's versus cool things to do.


7. Visit Joe, Palmer, and others on the Cape next month (first, book tickets).


8. (With Palmer and before the visit — see item #7), plan a brief, simple, and meaningful graveside service for the first anniversary of Jean's death.


9. (Before I leave — see item #4), successfully conclude the search for a qualified leader to facilitate an informal course on the thought and life of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.


10. Buy an apartment in Tel Aviv before hourly increasingly soaring costs for a postage-stamp footprint w questionable basics (roof, floor, windows, BR, BA, kitchen) reach the seventh heaven... or higher.

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