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Tami's List

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  1. Go to Montana and research Campbell's
  2.  Travel to Scotland and find "our" Campbell's
  3. Start the story of me for my girls and grandchildren
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Become a succesfull vegetarian
  6. Put my faith in my family and my spiritual life
  7. Have one of my beautiful creations published.
  8. Teach a class
  9. Go to a Library in SF, and research our family.
  10. Have our Family Books Published
  11. Get my RN License
  12.  Finally become up to date on my pics for scrapbooking
  13. Finish and give a quilt to someone.
  14. Visit Greece
  15. Go without TV or Movies for a whole year.  ok, thats a lot a month.
  16. Keep a journal for a whole year
  17. plant a vegetable garden.
  18. Drive accross country.
  19. Rent a motorhome and travel with my children and husband
  20. Go snorkling and enjoy it. without fear
  21. Stop eating Ice Cream from the carton.
  22.  Finish my to-do list
  23. Stop drinking coffee


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