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The Bloghore's 100 Things To Do

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

100 Things To Do - Long Term (LT) and Short Term (ST)..

1. Reach my goal weight and stay there (LT)

2. Make exercise a part of my everyday routine (LT)

3. Get on an airplane and fly to Austin, Texas to visit Barb (LT)

4. Dance with Mark at Jessica's wedding (LT)

5. Go to New York City again, with Mark this time (LT)

6. Buy a house (LT)

7. Get my hair cut (ST)

8. Put valuables into my safety deposit box (ST)

9. Book spa weekend with Rose (ST)

10. Order Mark's business cards and Mom's return address labels (ST)

11. Cancel our cell phone plan and move to Pay as you Go (ST)



To be continued!!!!




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