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The Muse's List

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 8 months ago

Things to do before I kick the bucket...


  1. Visit the Kremlin, and try to find a former KGB policeman.
  2. Beat Sunday's New York Times crossword.
  3. Visit London, and then travel across the countryside of England to visit old chapels.
  4. Get my M.A. in History. (12/2008)
  5. Get my Ph.D. in History.
  6. Move to another state and establish residence (including voting). (5/2006)
  7. Tour the WWII battlefields of Europe.
  8. Marry the man of my dreams.
  9. Meet a member of the Kennedy family (preferably RFK, Jr., or Ted).
  10. Write a book.
  11. Become a professor of history.
  12. Learn to play the banjo.
  13. Sing the "Star Spangled Banner" at a hockey game.
  14. Attend a fashion show in Bryant Park during Fashion Week.
  15. Take a train across the country.
  16. Pay off credit cards and my school loans.
  17. Work in the Smithsonian or the Archives.
  18. Visit all of the cities on my "American Cities to Visit List."
  19. Go to a game at Madison Square Garden. (3/2005)
  20. Visit Spain.
  21. Give a lecture at an Ivy League school.
  22. Go to Los Angeles and attend a movie premiere.
  23. See Philadelphia and experience its brotherly love... and the history bits.
  24. Experience an NFL game, preferably the Redskins, Ravens, or Seahawks.
  25. Tour the Pyramids.
  26. Go on a safari in Africa.
  27. Visit Hawaii.
  28. Visit the United Nations. (3/2005)
  29. Go bungee jumping.
  30. Read (on average) 100 books a year.
  31. Learn to play golf.
  32. Run a marathon.
  33. Get back to (and maintain) my high school weight.
  34. Meet a Supreme Court justice.
  35. Visit India.
  36. Become a consulting historian on a History Channel series or special.
  37. Build a piece of furniture from actual wood, etc., and not an IKEA set.
  38. Be completely debt-free.
  39. Buy a house.
  40. See Chicago, and go to a Cubs game.
  41. Visit St. Louis, and see the Arch and the Courthouse where the Dred Scott case took place. (3/2001 & 1/2008)
  42. Tour the MLB stadiums of the U.S.
  43. Visit all of the SEC football stadiums and see Alabama play.
    • Alabama (9/1998 & others)
    • Arkansas (9/1999)
    • Auburn
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Kentucky
    • LSU
    • Mississippi State (11/1999)
    • Ole Miss
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
    • Vanderbilt (9/1999)
  44. See Las Vegas, eat lots of food, and see tons of shows.
  45. Spend 2 weeks in NYC and see a show every night (except the off night).
  46. See a taping of "The Daily Show."
  47. Visit all the cities that were a major element in the Civil Rights Movement.
    • Albany, Ga.
    • Birmingham, Ala. (3/2005)
    • Chicago, Ill.
    • Detroit, Mich.
    • Jackson, Miss.
    • Los Angeles (Watts), Calif.
    • Nashville, Tenn.
    • Orangeburg, S.C.
    • Washington, D.C. (5/2005)

  48. See Richmond, and the former capital of the Confederacy.
  49. Visit all of the Civil War Battlefields still in tact.
  50. Learn to sew and alter my own clothes.

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