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Tracy's (Consider It Done!) Life List

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Making It Happen One Day At A Time


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  • Journal on a regular basis
  • Make exercise a regular part of my life. Get a WOW! DAMN! body
  • Salsa dance often!
  • Spend a week in Greece
  • Be true to myself in every relationship
  • Invest in life insurance for self and family
  • Get a Hollywood smile
  • Buy my momma a house for her 60th birthday
  • Win BIG in the lottery
  • Forgive my father
  • Become a published writer
  • Develop my photography skills
  • Have a room (creative studio) of my very own
  • Claim my position on motherhood
  • Pay my OWN bills...and pay them on time!
  • Never have to worry about money for the rest of my life.
  • Help pay for my niece's college education
  • Have my mother flown in to visit whenever she wishes
  • Have a massage every week
  • Love my short hair...go blonde!
  • Have a successful blog
  • Ask for what I want in any situation and expect it to be so...ask for help in obtaining things on this list
  • Get regular pedicures
  • Have only ONE email address
  • Create an amazing site for my photography
  • Transform my skin..learn to love water
  • Become pesco-vegetarian
  • Stengthen my Buddhist practice
  • Become an early bird and get the worm! Wake up at 4 am everyday
  • Equally invest in the purchase of a home with my partner
  • Swim more often
  • Stay abreast of current events...read the paper
  • Become an amazing peso-veggie cook
  • Plan a trip for my 40th Birthday...Greece?
  • Read a book a moth

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