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Veronique's Dream List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 4 months ago

1.   Take a photography course

2.   Go to Africa (Morocco - where I was born)

3.   Go on a Mother's Day trip with my two daughters

4.   Learn how to oil paint

5.  Go on a vacation with my friends

6.  Host more dinner/bbq's with my friends

7.  Complete at least 1 scrapbook per year

8.  Take a houseboat trip

9.  Volunteer for the Special Olympics

10.  Vounteer at a children's hospital

11.  Go to Europe

12.  Take a cruise with as many friends that can go

13.  Make a recipe book of my dad's recipes

14.  Photograph my dad's hands

15.  Photograph my daughters' weddings

16.  Go skydiving

17.  Swim with dolphins

18.  Kayak in Kauai

19.  Sit down and have a chat with someone that is homeless

20.  Be more spontaneous

21.  Make a will

22.  Send an unknown soldier a care package



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