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Vteam Coach 1oo Things to Do

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 2 months ago
  1. Learn to use microsoft excel Took an Access class
  2. See an Aurora Borealis
  3. Take a ballroom dancing class with Bill
  4. Grow a vegetable garden
  5. Take mom on a cruise
  6. Learn to make marinara sauce
  7. Let my white hair grow in
  8. Scrapbook my childhood pictures
  9. Landscape my front lawn
  10. Get a crunch bench
  11. Learn and do Tai Chi
  12. Create my 42 book
  13. Go to the mountains in NC
  14. Learn more about homeopathic medicine
  15. Get a go-cart for Luke
  16. Build a go cart track
  17. Have a scrapbook room
  18. Go on a 4 day vacation with Bill Making banana pancakes is fun!
  19. Get a pedicure
  20. Paint mom's house
  21. Go with Danielle to buy her wedding dress
  22. Take a card making class Took first class in series.
  23. Put in a closet organizer in my closet Got all my shoes off the floor and on the new shelves
  24. Find a young mom to mentor
  25. Think of more things I want to do, and not that others want me to do
  26. Increase my knowledge of sign language
  27. Get a Canon Rebel camera
  28. Take a digital photography class
  29. Get a small white screen Got the D-Flector
  30. Get a large white screen
  31. Have oral surgery
  32. Photograph all important belongings for insurance purposes
  33. Handmake Christmas Cards  They are so pretty!
  34. Pay off all my credit cards
  35. Then pay off my car
  36. Buy another rental house
  37. learn how to make a good meatloaf
  38. Buy Life Artist What a great birthday present!
  39. Scrapbook from 87-89  20 years of scrapbooking complete!
  40. Make a will
  41. Attend   a CKC
  42. Go to a corn maze
  43. Get health insurance Started a job with more hours and benefits, inc. health insurance.

  44.   Get a Cane Corso I am now the proud mom of Maya a beautiful Blue Cane Corso

  45.   Learn to cry more Sat and watched the Big Give and allowed the tears to flow

  46.   Laugh louder and more often I have been watching more comedy and allowing myself to enjoy and savor the moment

  47.   Get Adobe Photoshop

  48.   Visit Israel

  49.   Send out real bday cards, not just e-cards

  50.   Host a Christmas Open House

  51.   Get a grave marker for dad 'nuf said

  52.   Redefine my dream ( or just find one again) Owning a 2 story home has always been my dream. I guess I just forgot.

  53.   Develop single servings idea with Danielle

  54.   Become a notary public

  55.  Take a home repair course

  56.  Learn about wines

  57.  Visit a local vineyard

  58. Create a sitting garden with a gazebo

  59. Build a hen house

  60. Get some hens

  61. Get a goat

  62. Learn to make sofrito

  63. Learn to cook arroz con gandules

  64. Learn to cook a good pernil

  65. Learn to make pasteles

  66. Record my thoughts on each book I read for a year

  67. Do not buy anything except essentials for one month

  68. Learn to use all the settings on my camera

  69. Open an esty shop

  70. Write a book

  71. Own my dream home

  72. Get a master's Degree in something I am interested in, not just for a job

  73. Take Josh to NYC

  74. Take up biking again

  75. Go to an opera

  75. Go zorbing

  76. Give away $1,000,000 (Only 999,125 to go)

  77. Write a book on parenting

  78. Get a Doctorate Degree

  79. Get sponsorship for www.biculturalparenting.com

  80. Become a leading expert on bicultural parenting

  81. Go skydiving

  82. Attend a Gloria Estefan Concert

  83. Spend a Christmas at the Beach

  84. Go back to Disney World

  85. Go to Italy with Danielle

  86. Pay for a soldier's dinner

  87. Get a Ms. PacMan full sized arcade game








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