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Wendee's up on the Fridge Door List

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

More about me here.

This list started: March 5, 2008.

Last update:


  1. See Yosemite in the snow
  2. See the Grand Canyon in the snow
  3. See cherry blossoms in … ? in the spring
  4. See the California poppy fields in bloom
  5. See the autumn leaves in New England
  6. Finish a quilt that’s just for me. There were plenty I made for other people.
  7. Learn reflexology
  8. Get a reiki treatment
  9. Plan my garden for the summer with fresh herbs and flowers to draw
  10. Find a good panang recipe
  11. Make obsessively ornately decorated Christmas cookies
  12. Start my Christmas cards early enough to do whatever by hand I really want to
  13. Sort through my photos and organize them
  14. Get into Jan’s music collection to add his beat to my running mix
  15. Find a running group and train for another 5K
  16. Get Jan to yoga
  17. Keep my resume absolutely up-to-date
  18. Collect written recommendations so I can apply for a full-time teaching position
  19. Take a good painting class. Or two.
  20. Look at what it takes to be a creativity coach.
  21. Bind more books
  22. Have my course materials organized
  23. Get clothes for my closet that I really don’t have to stand in front of for so long, wondering what to wear, every day
  24. Frame the art that I’ve gotten from friends and relatives
  25. Find someone ready, willing and able to take over teaching my course. Just in case. You never know …
  26. Brush up on my rendering skills (markers, digital)
  27. Get a dog. A nice, big, warm sturdy dog
  28. See the museums in DC at a respectfully leisurely pace
  29. See the Hoover Dam
  30. Get published
  31. Plan out and execute my website
  32. Finish the Blurb book of Jan taking photographs / Adventures of a Roaming Bear
  33. Stop procrastinating. Oh, I think I’ll tackle that tomorrow.
  34. Sew more
  35. Figure out a way to do stretch twin-needle hems on knits nicely on my own sewing machine
  36. Move to a place with a yard, with no shared common walls, a porch and ....
  37. Frame my art and get it up on the walls here at home


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